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Huh? Is everyone in this "depiction" white?

(Same "artist's depiction" of the site in English version).

There is a new hockey and concert arena in Montréal's northern neighbour Laval, and it is right next to the métro station at the northern end of the orange line. Perhaps I'm seeing funny, but everyone in the artist's/architect's depiction seems very white indeed. This does seem strange in 2017...

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'This is An Act of Silencing And Violence': Women's March in Canada Shuts Out Black Lives Matter

Women's March in Canada Shuts Out Black Lives Matter

"The Vancouver organizers did not contact, consult, or include BLM - Vancouver despite the fact that the misogyny and bleak realities of the Trump administration will disproportionately harm Black people and people of colour, particularly those who are trans and queer,' read BLMV's statement..."



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