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No justice for Tamir Rice

Cleveland Officer Will Not Face Charges in Tamir Rice Shooting Death New York Times


As with many police killings this year, outrage was sparked by what was caught on camera. Grainy surveillance video, which circulated widely online, showed Officer Garmback pulling the police cruiser within a few feet of Tamir and Officer Loehmann stepping out of the car and almost immediately firing his gun. Tamir died hours later.

Tamir Rice and the Value of Life by Charles M. Blow, Op Ed, New York Times

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The Muslims who shaped America - rebuttal to Trump's bigoted ranting

I thought this Guardian article on the Muslims who shaped "America" (yes, it refers only to the US, but it is certainly applicable in other countries in the Americas and elsewhere) belonged in this forum, because it isn't just a matter of the US presidential election campaign, but it could be moved there if babblers prefer.

Yes, this kind of article focuses on luminaries and Establishment figures, but it is probably necessary to counter this pernicious bigoted bullshit.



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