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Canadian Constitution so behind the times.

In my last marriage to a trilingual French, English, and Amharic speaker with a bilingual English and Amharic brother (I knew French, English and another language at the time),  Quebec language policy had caused us all kinds of headaches. We'd met in Victoria BC, but due to anonymous threats of violence directed towards her for having married a white non-Ethiopian non-Muslim, we ended up moving to Montreal (closer to my family in Ottawa where I live now). Since we both knew French and English, it was easy for us to find work in Montreal.Then her 17-year old brother came. Her father was going to pay his education out of pocket, but in spite of this, he'd have to reach a certain level of French to graduate from English high school.

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Offensive against planned Pegida islamophobic demo in Petit Maghreb, Montréal

A small, far-right group, named Pégida Québec (for the parent group in Germany that has been holding "evening walks" against supposed "islamisation") is planning to demonstrate in Petit-Maghreb of all places (in St-Michel, just east of the neighbourhood where I live) and a variety of antiracists and left groups are planning a counter-demonstration.


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