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Cécile Kyenge, Italy's first black minister, targeted with bananas, rape threats and insults

Historically, Italy (like Ireland, Greece and other poorer European countries) was an exporter of migrants, and millions of Italian emigrants experienced discrimination and sometimes violence. How soon societies forget their past.

I'm not at all fond of the current "caretaker" government in Italy, applying austerity measures, or of the Democratic Party's participation therein, but that is beside the point in terms of the barrage of gross racist - and sexist - insults against Dr Kyenge, who is of Congolese origin:


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U.S. racial wage gap shaped by geography, says new study

Being In The Minority Can Cost You And Your Company

The racial wage gap in the United States — the gap in salary between whites and blacks with similar levels of education and experience — is shaped by geography, according to new social science research.

The larger the city, the larger the racial wage gap, according to researchers Elizabeth Ananat, Shihe Fu and Stephen L. Ross, whose findings were recently published by the National Bureau of Economic Research.

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Zimmerman NOT Guilty??

So now not only can you carry a gun in a lot of states you can NOW use that gun to shoot and kill an innocent UNARMED human being!!!!!!!!

Only in gun loving America could they bring down a verdict like this.

The thing that gets me is the FACT Mr.Zimmerman was told to stop following this kid FROM ""THAT"" POINT ON he was guilty as sin.

These jurers screwed up big time. Watch the concealed carry shootings GO UP NOW!!!


In my opinion IF Mr.Zimmerman had not been armed he would have never followed this kid. Like a lot of gun toters IT WAS THE GUN that gave him the courage to do so. Have gun have balls!!!

America home of the brave?? Yeah right Jethro as long as they are armed with a gun!!! 

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What do you call a group of people who want special rights for that group based on race? Racists now think about that for a while . What do you call a person who advocates for equal treatment of all people regardless of race ? an equal rights activist . Now look very carefully at what you are advocating , is it equal rights for all or are you advocating for special status for a group based on race ? Think hard about it and try not to let emotion impede logical thought . If you use the same tactics you critisize your opponents for using what does that make you? Try and remember that no group , race or culture has a monopoly on good or evil .

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"Die": Toronto Pig to 65 y.o. Toronto Somali Woman

"The Somali community has further been stigmatized by the actions of some officers in the raid,” said Mahad Yusuf, executive director of Midaynta Community Services.

Saeda Sidin Hersi remembered waking early to loud noises in her Dixon Rd. apartment.

“It was like a loud repetitive thunder. It reminded me of gunshots,” the 65-year-old woman recalled in a statement read by community member Fasia Duale.

Hersi called for her daughter. “Is the house under fire?” she asked.

“I didn’t have time to listen for her reply. I didn’t have time to think.”

Hersi sat nearby as her story was read, cameras pointed at her as she held her face in her hand.


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