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Defend Sami Sheik! Grant him permanent status!

Sami is a bright young computer nerd who lives in Parc-Extension, a very multicultural neighbourhood in central-Northern Montréal. 

He is now facing expulsion from Canada; he came to Mtl at the age of 12 and is fluent in French and English, not Urdu. He has been accepted at several university computer and communications departments after his high school and Cégep studies, and is very appreciated as a worker. He is a valuable and productive member of our society. 

I'll let you read the attached links about the complicated reason his family lost their refugee status due to an omission on their form; it started out from vengeance by a violent son-in-law.

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Thomas Jefferson, Slaveowner

New York Times critical review of Jon Meachem's Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power:

Although this book is so lavishly fact-checked that its endnotes and bibliography run more than 200 pages, Mr. Meacham oddly glosses over unbecoming details. About an unsuccessful courtship that Jefferson conducted in the early 1760s, Mr. Meacham describes contents of his letters but does not quote from them. “His attempts at humor and self-mockery,” the book says, “fall largely flat, and the episode is chiefly interesting for the light it sheds on Jefferson’s sensitivity to rejection, disorder and criticism.”

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Nerenberg: Canadian comfort to "hateful" Hungarian fascists?

This continues in the same vein as the post on Ezra Levant and the Hungarian Jobbik racist neo-Nazi scum, but is not directly a media post. It encompasses Canadian complicity, in possibly awarding "safe nation" status to Hungary, as well as the aggravation of Jobbick threats against Hungarian Roma, Jews and anti-fascists, and assent from the "mainstream, respectable" rightwing party in that Central-European country's Parliament. 


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