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| October 29, 2014

Canadians in Hong Kong compare their experiences in democracy

Photo: Raewadee Parnmukh
As pro-democracy demonstrations continue, so does police violence. Canadian activists are protesting in solidarity. Ellie Ng reports from Hong Kong.

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From Canada to Hong Kong, solidarity with the 'umbrella revolution'

Photo: Raewadee Parnmukh

HONG KONG – Pro-democracy demonstrations continue into the fourth day in Hong Kong, despite a police crackdown on Saturday.

As riot police indiscriminately peppersprayed and fired 87 rounds of teargas at 60,000 peaceful, unarmed demonstrators, the protestors used umbrellas to shield themselves from the onslaught. Hong Kong police were condemned by human rights organizations including Amnesty International for using "unnecessary" and "illegitimate" force against peaceful demonstrators, while Social media dubbed the demonstrations the "Umbrella Movement" or "Umbrella Revolution."


Calling on Canada to protect fair elections in Hong Kong

image; flickr/David Leo Vekster

Hong Kong pro-democracy leaders Anson Chan and Martin Lee spoke last week about Hong Kong's democratic development at two public forums in Toronto. The democracy heavyweights travelled to Canada and the U.S. to rally international support for Hong Kong people's fight for genuine democracy.

On Monday, April 7, over 300 attended the talk "One Country Two Systems Under Threat" hosted by Canada-Hong Kong Link. Another talk "Hong Kong's Democratic Future" was held by Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada on Wednesday. Chan and Lee discussed Hong Kong's current political crisis and democratic development.


| December 20, 2013

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May 16, 2013 |
Take action and show solidarity with these workers by sending a message to Bangladesh's Prime Minister and the Minister for Labour and Employment.

Law firms behind growing number of lawsuits brought by corporations against countries

January 25, 2013
| A recent report says that a certain group of lawyers are drumming up business for their own firms by encouraging foreign investors to sue countries over changes in regulations.
Length: 18:39 minutes (17.09 MB)
| November 15, 2012

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