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Jagmeet Singh Invites Media To His Engagement Announcement

According to media reports, it actually went down at the vegetarian restaurant where the two of them first went on a date. Speaking of media, yes, they were invited (including the Canadian Press,) to document the happy affair.

Asked why he decided to make this news public and what he wants Canadians to know about it, Singh said he was excited about the engagement.

"I'm super excited to take this step forward — to have a life and future together with my partner," he said.

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Mulcair to retire in June 2018

Radio Canada reports that Mulcair will leave his seat in June at the end of the next Parliamentary session.

He will be going into academia.


L'avenir de Thomas Mulcair est fixé. Radio-Canada a appris que l'ancien chef du Nouveau Parti démocratique (NPD) quittera son poste de député d'Outremont en juin pour une carrière dans le monde universitaire. Le journaliste Louis Blouin en a discuté avec lui, lundi, dans un café de sa circonscription.

Depuis qu’il n‘est plus chef du NPD, Thomas Mulcair est un homme serein.

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Have issues with Singh as leader? Here's the questions you have to answer:

If Jagmeet were to stand down as leader, it would likely take at least nine months, maybe a year, to have a new leadership contest.

That would leave a new leader with maybe a year to make an impression before the election.

1) Are Jagmeet's early problems as leader bad enough, in your view, to cost the party that much general election prep time?

2) Is there any possible replacement for Jagmeet that would be able, in THAT short a period of time, to unite the party and help it find a set of practical and radical policies that would appeal to the electorate?


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