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Trudeau Liberal Have Broken their Commitment & Continued the Canadian Housing Catastrophe!

Never mind the lies and bullshit in the corporate press, most Canadians are being royally screwed over in Canada's housing market thanks to the policies of the Trudeau Liberals. At one time we used to have a national housing program. Co-op housing was being built across the land by the federal government. No more. Canadians have been thrown to the wolves. In BC alone, 12,000 Canadians are now homeless, living without a roof over their heads. In Canada! In wintertime!

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Why has Norway built, and continues to build, a healthy future for its citizens; whereas Canada is stupidly living in the past!

Norway has built a trillion dollar fund for the future of its citizens from their oil and gas, and now wisely knows that it's time, for both environmental and economic reasons, to move on, whereas Canada has dick for a fund, and is persuing an unhealthy and deadend industry. How stupid can Canadian governments be!


World’s Biggest Wealth Fund Wants Out of Oil and Gas

The $1 trillion fund that Norway has amassed pumping oil and gas over the past two decades wants out of petroleum stocks.  

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Jagmeet Singh Pushes Trudeau to Decriminalize All Drugs

As the number of drug-related deaths grow exponentially in BC and spreads across Canada, Jagmeet Singh continues to pressure Trudeau to decriminalize all drugs, citing Portugal's success in reducing such deaths since it decriminalized all drugs in 2001.

Singh, who campaigned on the promise during his party's recent leadership race, said he will push the federal New Democrats to make the position part of its own formal policy platform.  The NDP is scheduled to hold a policy convention in Ottawa in February. ...

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Leak of Tax Haven Financial Records Linked to Trudeau's #1 Donor and 3 Former PMs

CBC/Radio Canada and the Toronto Star are part of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists that reviewed new international tax haven financial records leaked to the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung. These records, called the Paradise Papers, reveal how the global financial elite avoid and evade paying taxes, thereby leaving the middle, working and poor classes to pick up the bill.

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Lac-St. Jean federal byelection, October 23

Thought this should have its own thread, since it will be the first electoral test for the NDP since Jagmeet Singh's election as leader. 

Anybody here been observing the campaign there?

​On paper, it looks as though the Les Dippers should have a chance of a pick-up, since they only lost by six points there in 2015 and it was one of the rare Quebec ridings where the NDP vote actually increased slightly that year.

Does anybody know if Jagmeet is planning to appear in the riding, or if there's a feeling that it would do more harm than good to have him show up there?

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2019 Federal Election

Didn't take the Greens long to start attacking the new leader of the NDP. Yikes!


May Lectures Singh Again, This Time for Not ‘Rushing’ for a Seat

Green leader thinks too many Canadians confuse their system with US ‘popularity contest.’

Elizabeth May and Jagmeet Singh


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