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Don't Vote. It Only Encourages Them

I have voted (NDP) all my life.  But no more. Or at least not until we have proportional representation.  

Trudeau's about face on electoral reform was the last straw.  

I'm not interested in preferential or mixed member nonsense.  I want it simple. If a party gets 42% of the vote they should get 42% of the seats.  

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The effect of non-voters on extremism and who a politician represents.

This is general and could be either in international or Canadian politics-- there is no general politics so I put it here.

I have been thinking about the positive and negative effects of an increasingly large body of non-voters on the process. The effects in some ways can be argued to be positive and in others negative.

You now have to stand for something

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Direct and immediate impact on Canada of Trump bullying

In the international forum you have lots of discussions about the bullying of Mexico.

We see speculation that the US might target Canada with policies really meant to punish Mexico but so far there are no details. However, there is no discussion, so far, on the direct impacts of US efforts to bully Mexico and their companies who are trading legally with it.

Trump has served notice to the auto companies that if they move a US plant to Mexico they can face a 30% tariff even though he has to tear up NAFTA to do it. Clearly they would be reluctant to go to Mexico at the cost of US jobs. Canadian jobs? Different story.


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