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Why Populist Politicians Are Unbeatable As Facts Don't Matter

Editorial from today's Toronto Star.

The Star’s democracy reporter Sabrina Nanji trained an instructive spotlight this week on a major – possibly pivotal - challenge facing the Liberal and NDP campaigns in the June 7 election in Ontario.

In studying the unlikely coalition that makes up so-called Ford Nation, Nanji encountered a Windsor resident, a single mother on social assistance, who was having trouble finding work and who had two children under 12, both with learning disabilities.

The woman’s answer to her plight?

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Canadian politician of the week

We spend a lot of time, criticising our Canadian federal, provincial, municipal and First Nations politicians, but let's see if we can also recognize constructive political achievements by choosing our Canadian politician of the week. For this week's nomination, I would like to recommend BC's Attorney General David Eby, for his hard work on money-laundering, and also for his input on the Kinder Morgan pipeline fiasco. 

How Chinese gangs are laundering drug money through Vancouver real estate

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In Major Shift In First Nations Relations, 3 White People Meet In Upper Canada To Discuss Their Land

“We have listened carefully to the esteemed people of the Secwepemc nation,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said, referring to the tribe whose land Kinder Morgan intends to run 518 kilometres of oil pipeline through, with or without their consent. “We listened so carefully, in fact, that they don’t need to be here today to take part in these discussions, as that would be redundant. As well as potentially awkward when we outright ignore them.”

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Ethics commissioner takes step towards investigating Liberal MP Raj Grewal

Ethics commissioner takes step towards investigating Liberal MP Raj Grewal over India trip invitations

The revelation prompted Conservatives and New Democrats to write to ethics commissioner Mario Dion, asking for a formal investigation

Raj Grewal pictured with Yusuf Yenilmez, CEO of Zgemi Inc., for whom Grewal helped secure an invitation to attend events in India, during the prime minister's trip.Facebook

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Tom Mulcair to Jagmeet Singh - Get Yourself Into Parliament PRONTO

In an interview on CTV Question Period tomorrow Tom Mulcair says

"Parliament is very important as an institution and it's important for a political leader to get in there as soon as possible so that Canadians can get to know him,"

Asked about how he thinks his replacement has been doing, Mulcair said that while the New Democrat caucus is happy to have a "bright" new leader, they’d like to see him around more.

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The Real Estate Hyper-Boom:Evading Taxes and Fraud

Vancouver's and Toronto's real estate hyper-boom are closely linked to government policies that have enabled tax evasion and fraud. However NDP Attorney General David Eby is starting to do something about this.

The B.C. government has made its first major move in the battle for housing affordability in Metro Vancouver and beyond by promising to raise the foreign-buyers tax to 20 per cent and institute a range of taxes to quell property speculation.

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Doug Ford Claims He’ll Cut CBC

Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford Claims He’ll Cut CBC Even Though CBC is Not Provincially Funded         

The new leader of Ontario’s PCs thinks he can cut funding for something Ontario doesn’t actually pay for?

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Auditor Generals' Report on Climate Change Show Governments Will Blow Past Emissions 2020 & 2030 Targets with no Plan to Adapt

The Auditor Generals of nine of ten Canadian provinces (Quebec did not participate) decided to look at a critical issues for Canada's future. They decided the number one priority issue that needed to be examined first was climate change. Together with the Federal Commissioner of Canada that have released a report today on whether the federal and provincial governments are going to meet their 2020 and 2030 targets carbon dioxide emission targets and their plans to adapt to climate changes that are already occurring.


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