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Can We Stop Falling For "Star Candidates" Please?

Something that is really bothering me, given the accusations of domestic assault against Manitoba NDP leader Wab Kinew and now the accusations of associating with Sikh terrorism made against Jagmeet Singh, is that despide several instances of star candidates crashing and burning after a leadership campaign, NDP supporters still managed to fall for this. I will preface my explanation below by saying that this post is in no way an attempt to recall either of them from their leadership post.

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Saskatoon-University MP Brad Trost loses Conservative nomination

CBC News

Mar 10, 2018

The Conservative Party of Canada has elected Corey Tochor as nominee for the contested Saskatoon-University riding. 

Tochor, former Saskatchewan Speaker of the House and current MLA for Saskatoon-Eastview, was up against current MP Brad Trost and Saskatoon businessman Brad Redekkopp.

Nomination hard to predict

Daniel Beland, professor at the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, says it was a tough nomination to predict, especially between the two veteran politicians.

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New forum description contest!

Hey all,

Most of you have noticed that the Canadian Politics forum description is outdated (Layton lovers and Harper harpies) and we need a new one. 50 characters or less, our rabble staff team will vote for the best one and the winner will get some rabble swag.

Enter now - you could be the author of our new Canadian Politics forum description!

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The decline of interest in the public interest

For an example see:

I posted this in "Canadian politics" rather than "international news" because I think that Canada is well down the same road though not as far, and this is a bigger interest for us. I think the reasons are:

1. the rise of neoliberalism and the degenerate state of economics with the domination of the neoclassical school of thought.

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Liberals Steal Another Idea From The NDP.... Again. This Time Pharmacare

At the NDP convention Jagmeet Singh said one thing they would be pushing in their 2019 election platform is universal Pharmacare

Tomorrow Ontario Health Minister Dr. Eric Hoskins will be appointed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to lead a new national pharmacare program. Hoskins was instrumental in Ontario's new OHIP+. Hoskins has officially resigned as MPP for St. Pauls and Minister of Health effective immediately.

There is always Dental Care that the NDP can push next!

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So Justin Trudeau and his Liberals are finished and done like dinner-who benefits?

The disastrous India trip will make the Liberals toxic in all East Indian majority or plurality ridings, which will cost them dearly.  Citizens of the great country of India, now Canadians, don’t take kindly to a government that associates itself with terrorists.  It would tend to reason, would it not, that the NDP made a brilliant selection as leader and now stands to reap the most gain from the Liberal collapse.  Or do you think Andrew Scheer may somehow benefit and steal votes from the NDP?


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