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Justin Trudeau may be the last neoliberal standing

True dat!

Justin Trudeau may be the last neoliberal standing


Let's be clear on why Trump won. (Won the Electoral College, not the election. A strong enough majority of Americans voted against him.) It wasn't because of racism, fear of immigrants or misogyny. White supremacists and Confederate flag buffs didn't do it -- though they backed him.

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Have you ever talked to a member of the ALT Right?

Boy O Boy this a real treat you for rabblers.  I am going to post my thoughts in the morning when I wake up.  But I not talking about thug who goes out to inidmate jews,leftist,ect on the street.  But the brain trust or the intelliengal elite of what would be considered today of the ALT right.  This individual was older, business success, and politically active/but in retirement in high level way in a regisrted political party(I will not name the party or the province, sorry).  This thread is inspired by what is happening in Charlloteville.  This a business contact issue rather than pers

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Progressive annual consumption tax?

Should developed countries replace all their indirect taxes with a progressive annual consumption tax?

Worker movements in the 19th century opposed sales taxes, despite their greater collection efficiency, not because they can be regressive, but because they are not transparent.  They conceal what taxpayers pay to the government, and thus they don't prompt them to regular tax oversight.

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Fuck You CBC News Dept!

The real missed opportunity is some balanced news coverage instead of CBC News Departments's usual NDP bashing.

BC's new Premier-Designate hasn't even taken office yet, and least we forget that John Horgan has the small item of 40,000 BCers displaced by forest fires to deal with, that makes staying in BC for the time being a priority for him.

The more I see of the CBC News Department the less respect I have for them.


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Let's get real: Americans have been the big winners in NAFTA

Hard to believe that, apart from the real extreme right-wingers, anyone in Canada would support this piece of shit that was given to Canada by none other than one of,  if not the worst Canadian Prime Minister. Yes Brian Mulroney is his name. 


Let's get real: Americans have been the big winners under NAFTA


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And why isn't Canada (is it because you represent the 1% eh Trudeau) or the USA, for that matter, doing the same thing?

Google fined record €2.4bn by EU over search engine results

Brussels claims tech giant abused market dominance by manipulating its search engine results to favour its own comparison shopping service


As the EU official in charge of competition policy, commissioner Margrethe Vestagerspelled out the case against Google, she denied accusations that Brussels had a bias against US firms, claiming the tech giant had been guilty of an “old school” form of illegality.


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