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Bill 3, Election Amendment Act (BC)

Enter B.C.’s new “riled west” era of campaign financing


All of the above are only a smattering of improvements that really should be made to Bill 3, to really make B.C.’s campaign finance system more transparent, accountable, equitable, and affordable.

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The bigger British Columbia’s network of climate activists gets, the harder Big Oil wants us to fall

Every morning when I come into the office, I see them lined up. Sometimes eight, ten, twelve, twenty. Like an egg that has hatched overnight, a small army has come marching out and is standing, waiting to be invited in.

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Files for BC's new Minister of Mental Health and Addiction Judy Darcy

B.C. Minister Judy Darcy Wants Trudeau To Reconsider Decriminalizing Hard Drugs


Darcy said decriminalization would go a long way in destigmatizing substance use because shame often bars people from getting treatment or even using supervised consumption sites where staff have access to overdose-reversing medication.

Video: Former drug addict Christie recalls the intense draw of the powerful opioid fentanyl.



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End for B.C. Liberals faint hope of power

John Horgan - not too shabby!

NDP - 41 seats

Libs - 41 seats

Grns - 3 seats

Ind - 1 seat

Vacant - 1 seat

Total - 87 seats

Please Advise! Does a New Speaker Mean It’s Time for an All-out Brawl?

Darryl Plecas entering the legislature as Speaker is like Ryan Kesler returning to Rogers Arena as an Anaheim Duck.

Dear Dr. Steve,

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Eby pledges new laws to rein-in lobbying:

Eby pledges new laws to rein-in lobbying:  

Part 1 of 2-part series

Four days after he became the ex-minister of energy and mines, BC Liberal Bill Bennett was suddenly a director of Eagle Plains Resources, a junior mining explorer. 

Terry Lake, the veterinarian who was health minister under Christy Clark, was gone from office for 80 days before he was announced as the vice-president of “social responsibility” for Hydropothecary Corp., a Quebec medical marijuana concern. 


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