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Watchdog calls out NDP stalling on political donations

Right on Dermod!

Watchdog calls out NDP stalling on political donations


British Columbia’s foremost critic of big money in politics was frequently accused during the recent provincial election of being pro-NDP and anti-B.C. Liberal.

But now that the tables have turned in the Legislature, thanks to the NDP’s governing pact with the Greens, the government transparency watchdog Integrity B.C. appeared less than impressed on Sunday.

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The best $150,000 a year savings so far by BC's New Government

How do you spell U-S-E-L-E-S-S?

Ex-Liberal leader Gordon Wilson fired from LNG job


Former Liberal leader Gordon Wilson has been fired as Buy B.C. LNG advocate with no severance.

Bruce Ralston, Minister of Jobs, Trade and Technology and former LNG critic, said the NDP government could find no written reports by Wilson about his role.

Since he was hired in October 2013, Wilson has been paid more than $550,000, Ralston said.


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