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Rachel Notley VS John Horgan Round One

“It is so far beyond the scope of what they have the legal authority to do, they (NDP BC Premier John Horgan) are creating a MOCKERY out of our legal system,” an angry Rachel Notley told reporters in Edmonton.

“The B.C. government has every right to consult on whatever it pleases with its citizens. It does not have the right to rewrite our Constitution and assume powers for itself that it does not have. If it did, our confederation would be meaningless.”

Have we ever seen one NDP Premier threaten to take another NDP Premier to court?

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Local government versus industry captured regulator.

Here is an excellent video by the City of Burnaby. If you think that local rights mean anything in our great country then watch it and think again. The fight will continue and I'm still hoping that enough delay will see the project collapse on its own.

Of note, the BCA is the most successful municipal party in the country having won all seats for multiple elections and controlled counsel for a generation.  It has dedicated a higher percentage of the City as parkland and green space than any other municipality I am aware of. That is what the people want.


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