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BC NDP Leadership Race

We have now had 16 years of right-wing government in BC, which depending on the vote-counting and sellouts this coming week, could turn into more.

In 2017, the Horgan-led BC NDP increased their popular vote only by a measly 0.15%, yes, that's correct, an increase of less than 1%, after the disasterous Dix-led fiasco in 2013.

The 2017 Horgan-led BC NDP continued the Party theme of "NO", which almost totally ignored proposing decent jobs and construction projects,  jobs being the number one issue for winners in almost every election campaign.

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BC Greens learning the ropes of politics

The BC Greens have been thrown into the world of power politics. It remains to be seen how they fair. I think we need a thread to talk about what they are doing.

Here is an article about the current negotiations. I fear for our province when I see who they have brought to the table with them as an advisor.

The Greens announced Tuesday that Weaver will serve as the party’s chief negotiator in the upcoming political talks.

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A Bridge Over Trouble (BC's Massey Tunnel Replacement)

A Bridge Over Trouble

A cable-stayed bridge over the Fraser River and a big earthquake could make for massive problems

Daniel Wood is an investigative journalist uncovering the truth behind the Massey tunnel replacement

For those hoping to halt the export of thermal coal from the lower Fraser River, it’s useful to consider a century-old American spiritual song that illustrates an essential principle:  

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The Leap in B.C. that Naomi Klein & friends should support

The Leap in B.C. that Naomi Klein & friends should support

The opportunity must be seized

B.C. can be either a paragon for social progress, or it can become ever more the environmental pariah that the current government is fast rebranding our Super, Natural British Columbia.

It is time for Naomi Klein and her colleagues, and for all of the people who support their efforts, to embrace the “Neil Armstrong approach” to giant leaps that might forever change human history.

All eyes are on the door now opening to B.C.’s new political world.

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BC Flooding 2017

BC is having serious floods this Spring. This is serious shit and my heart goes out to those folks experiencing flooding here in BC as well as across Canada. 

Several homes evacuated following Kelowna landslide as flooding hits southern B.C.

Emergency operations centre also established for residents near Kamloops in Thompson-Nicola regional district

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BC Greens Accuse BC NDP Of Promoting Strategic Voting in 2017 BC Elxn

OP-ED by Adrienne Carr (Former BC Green Party Leader)

Ever since we founded the B.C. Green Party in 1983, the NDP has lured, pressured, and harassed people to vote "strategically." Strategic voting means you vote not for the party you want to, but for the party with the supposed best chance to stop a party you dislike from forming government. People will never get good government if they always vote for somewhat better than bad.


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