Oct 7, 2011

Slutwalk NYC: More of the same

Meghan Murphy
I truly believed that Slutwalk NYC was going to be different. Maybe this Slutwalk would actually say something radical. Maybe this Slutwalk would comment on systematic oppression. It didn't.
Jun 8, 2011

Slutwalk Hamilton draws hundreds

Jessica Rose
Just over two months after the first SlutWalk took place in Toronto, approximately 400 demonstrators gathered in front of Hamilton's City Hall before marching through the streets of downtown.
Activist Toolkit


SlutWalk addresses the problem of victim blaming in cases of sexual assault
May 18, 2011

Slutwalk: To march or not to march

Harsha Walia
I marched. Whether or not Slutwalk is around, there are hundreds of thousands of us who live and organize every day to eliminate heteropatriarchy, white supremacy, capitalism and colonialism.


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