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Andrea Horwath: Ontario Official Opposition Leader is on a Roll

Wow - that was a remarkable evening, last nite for Andrea Horwath.

Andrea, the Steeltown scrapper, has taken the NDP from 10 seats, increasing the number of seats in each successive election, to 40 seats now, and Official Opposition status, one of only two political parties recognized in the Ontario Legislature.  

What does Andrea have to do now for Ontario voters, to seal the deal, and become Premier of Ontario in 2022?


Year / Seats / Seat-Cge /  Votes / Votes-Cge  

2007 / 10 seats / 16.8%

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Doug Ford Era

‘A government for the people’ — but will Doug Ford govern for all Ontarians?

Ford’s Tories won the most seats, gaining the right to form a majority government under our parliamentary system. The PC juggernaut wiped out most of the Liberal cabinet, reducing Kathleen Wynne’s governing party to a rump. He also beat back a remarkable challenge from Ontario’s New Democrats

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Final Debate Ontario Election Sun May 27 2018 @ 6:30 PM

Well it seems most, if not all, of the right wing forecasters have their seat predictions out showing Doug Ford with about a 20 seat lead over Andrea Horwath for the upcoming Ontario election.

The PCs have substantially dropped, and the NDP has made a remarkable rise in the polls, since the beginning of the campaign, but if the current forecasts are accurate, the NDP still needs to pick up another 10 seats from the PCs to win.

What does Andrea have to do during this last debate to continue the NDP climb in support and help to win the election on Jun 7th, 2018?  

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Seat Predictions Ontario 2018 Election

Time to belly up to the bar folks and place your bets against the pros:

Right now some of the pollsters' forecasts, including of course some of the right-wingers, are trying to spark the dying Liberal embers, to split the anti Doug Ford vote.

124 seats up for election

64 seats required for Majority Government

Too Close To Call

PCs 65 seats and Majority Government

NDP 53 seats

Libs 6 seats 


Eric Grenier (CBC) 

PCs 70 seats

NDP 51 seats

Libs 3 seats

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Who is Ford Nation?

An ONPulse poll does a good job of identifying who Ford Nation is: it's largely the usual suspects.

We find 5% of Ontarians would explicitly label themselves as members of Ford Nation. 

An additional 25% are non-identifying fans of Ford Nation, while 51% rejected the label. In total, then, 30% of Ontario either labels itself as part of Ford Nation or is sympathetic to it.


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The Ontario Election: A Scramble for the Growing Working Class as the Middle Class Declines

Tom Parkins discusses how the decline of the middle class under the provincial Liberal governments, as well as the  federal Conservative and Liberal governments, is impacting the Ontario election. However, so far the main beneficiary has been Doug Ford.

An expanding working class may have dealt the final blow to the Kathleen Wynne Liberals, whose support has now become concentrated among upper class Ontarians and a shrinking middle class.

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Doug Ford to FIRE Hydro Board of Directors & Its President

He says he will FIRE the entire Board of Directors of Hydro One. When he puts "his people" in place that board will FIRE its $6 million dollar a year President.

This is all about putting money back in the pockets of Ontarians and not in the pocket of its $6 million dollar a year Hydro-One President


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PC's remove Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris over sexting allegations

MPP was informed by email that his nomination papers to run in Kitchener-Conestoga would not be signed due to an allegation made by a young woman who had worked at Queen’s Park.

Mon., April 9, 2018

“On the afternoon of Friday, April 6, an allegation against the MPP from Kitchener-Conestoga was brought forward,” said MPP Lisa Thompson, the PC caucus chair.

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How Will You Handle Doug Ford as Premier?

It is so depressing, poll after poll after poll shows that Doug Ford is on track to be the next Premier of Ontario

This is so depressing, I thought Canadians were smarter than to buy into elected a Trump wanna be. But there has been no change in the polls.

So when (cause let's not kid ourselves it gonna happen) it Ford is elected, how will you cope?



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