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Gouin by-elections set for May 29th

Former student leader Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois is the Québec Solidaire candidate for MNA of the Gouin riding, which corresponds pretty much to "La Petite Patrie", the western part of Rosemont-La Petite Patrie borough (arrondissement) and federal riding. As those following Québec politics will know, the PQ is not fielding a candidate, though the Québec Liberal party is. 


From the Québec solidaire website:

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Letter to Michel Chartrand, from his daughter Suzanne

Suzanne Chartrand has spent the past months writing about her father, the radical union leader Michel Chartrand, who died a a few years ago. Today would be his 100th birthday.

Here is a letter celebrating his life and social movements here and elsewhere. Note that Suzanne's mother, Simone Monet-Chartrand, was also a lifelong social activist - I have her autobiography in my library, with a dedication. I knew both of them, but can't claim to have been an intimate friend.

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Rightwing blowhard/strikebreaker Richard Martineau sueing Ricochet for $350,000

This ambulatory turd is highly unlikely to win his suit over something clearly satirical, but his purpose is to bankrupt alternative media. https://ricochet.media/en/1572/ricochet-lawsuit

This piece of shit and his equallly vile companion were both strikebreakers during the long Journal de Montréal conflict, claiming to not be techniclaly scabs as they were writing from their home offices or some other den of iniquity, not crossing the physical picket lines - as if that is necessary for most communications workers nowadays.

My inner Stalin might want to send them to a labour camp in Nunavik, but it would be deeply unfair to inflict this writhing pestilence on the Inuit people.

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Liberal MNA Gerry Sklavounos alleged to have sexually assaulted young woman in Québec City



Nothing is proved, but several other reports emerging have referred to inappropriate behaviour by the MNA.

His riding is a short walk north of the one where I live (I have lived in that riding) and interestingly, it corresponds to a swath of Justin Trudeau's riding, Papineau. Laurier-Dorion is essentially Villeray and Park Extension; Papineau also includes part of St-Michel to the east.

This is a huge scandal here, following on the spate of sexual assaults at Laval University.

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Bomb threats to Quebec schools will be treated as "terrorist acts"

On Tuesday morning, 71 schools in the province and in the Ottawa region were evacuated, closed or searched after receiving a threatening email from an anonymous mailer. ... 

Interim Quebec Security Minister Pierre Moreau said the note cited anger at teachers' unions and quality of education as the main motivations for the threats.

"The nature of the email is a threat that bombs would be placed in schools, CEGEPS and some school buses as well because they are opposed to the way the teachers in Quebec and Ontario are dealing with the students," said Moreau.


Even though police have turned up nothing, Moreau said the threats would be investigated as a terrorist act.

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NDP Ex-MPs to rock Couillard's world?

Now with three dozen or so NDP ex-MPs from Quebec, that is a tremendous base from which to start up the provincial NPD and rattle Couillard and his austerity agenda.



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