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Ultra Fast Faxless Pay Day Loans Does Offer Simplicity To The People

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Cooperation, sooner or later....


I'm posting 2 articles that discuss the idea of NDP/Liberal cooperation/coalition or an outright merger.

It's clear that in the next election (or two, if the parties continue to be bull-headed about this), the Liberals and NDP will be forced by circumstance (FTTP Tory numbers) to sit down at the table and talk about working together somehow -- coalition being the most logical. 

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how the forums are displayed on the main page

lately i've been having some problems with the site.  for some reason, where the babble section used to be displayed, it's now a videos section.  so i tried accessing babble from the header at the top of the page and it brings me to a page where each subject is listed separately as opposed to the old way which had the posts in order of most recent.

first, this makes looking at the posts near impossible as you have to go back and forth to the different subjects (of which there are far too many!) whereas before you would see all the most recent postings regardless of subject which made way more sense and was so much easier to browse through to find the topics i was interested in, not to mention to see which had been recently commented on.

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Bloom Box

bloom energy, bloom boxes, bloom electrons, clean energy Bloom Energy creates strategy to make Bloom Box accessible Bloom Energy is a CA business that has developed a fuel cell called the Bloom Box. The Bloom Box is a self-contained source of energy. So far its on-site application has been cost prohibitive for the mainstream. To make the Bloom Box more accessible, Bloom Energy is rolling out a system that enables corporations to derive power from the Bloom Box without actually buying it. This could help many people get Bloom Box without needing a [spam link removed] to sign up.

The Bloom Electrons Program details

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CFS at the University of Windsor

This is my first major post on this forum.  I'm just looking for a little advice on a matter.  

I am at the University of Windsor.  Our Student Alliance will be passing around a petition in the next few weeks.  They are asking students to call for a vote on membership in the Canadian Federation of Students.  However, they give no information on the CFS at all in their messages.  Most of what I have been told is basically that "a vote to leave CFS is a vote for democracy".  

Does anyone out there know much about the workings of the CFS?  I'm just looking for a little information on the topic.  

Thanks in advance!

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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Kigoma, Tanzania

Actually, we never even made it to Kigoma. Precision Air, one of only two airlines that flies to the remote region, had just suspended all flights for the next several weeks and the other airline was all booked.

No worries, we headed to Zanzibar instead….


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