Sun TV

Sep 19, 2011

The roots of 'Fox News North'

Kai Nagata
Beware the agendas of media barons. Sun News Network's vitriol feeds a wider erosion of our public conversation.
May 2, 2011

Sun TV: Let the astroturfing begin!

Alheli Picazo
The Conservatives, Sun Media, and the National Citizen's Coalition are working together in a desperate attempt to secure a Harper majority.
Apr 27, 2011

Sun TV: Because facts have a well-known liberal bias

Alheli Picazo
Sun News Network, a channel brought to by its own sense of self importance, is the epitome of pseudo-journalism, comprised of on-air personalities with the intellectual curiosity of Sarah Palin.
Apr 20, 2011

Shock and Awful: The truth behind corporate tax cuts

Armine Yalnizyan
Yesterday SunTV rolled out its first full day of programming. Shock jock Charles Adler kicked off his show with the issue that has defined much of the election campaign -- corporate income tax cuts.
Sep 7, 2010

Ezra Levant vs. reality -- a prelude to Fox News North

Alheli Picazo
By connecting Soros to the Avaaz petition, Lilley, Levant, Taylor and Tenycke aim to stoke fear in their followers who, more often than not, are avid consumers of extreme right-wing media.


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