Nov 22, 2012
Photo: mars_discovery_district/Flickr

Social impact bonds: The anti-philanthropy

David Macdonald
Social impact bonds dramatically change who is being served by the government: from those who need a helping hand to the shareholders of a bank.
Jun 26, 2012
Tax forms. Photo: Canadian Pacific/Flickr

Freedom from government services on tax freedom day

David Macdonald
Well, well, another misinformed tax freedom day has come and gone on June 12. To mark the occasion this year, I took a look at several items that Canadians are "free of" at various points.
May 1, 2012

Tax Day's birthday presence

Erika Shaker
This year, once again, I'll celebrate my birthday as Canadians file their tax returns. As maligned as the whole process is, I actually don't get all angst-y about paying my taxes.


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