Feb 3, 2016
Svea Vikander, age 15

Day 3: Assaulted at my 15th birthday party

Svea Vikander
As former CBC talk show host Jian Ghomeshi goes to trial for four counts of sexual assault this month, Canada is forced to confront attitudes about sex, consent and the validity of victims' stories.
Jan 20, 2015

Who pays the price of sexual violence?

Lucia Lorenzi
News of a lawsuit against the University of Ottawa brings up an important question: what is the cost of sexual violence in our communities, and who is entitled to compensation?
Sep 11, 2014

Hamas gains support following Israel's assault on Gaza

A poll of Palestinians conducted after the recent ceasefire shows Hamas gained much support as a result of resistance to the Israeli assault. Meanwhile Netanyahu faces harsh criticism within Israel.
Jun 20, 2011

SlutWalk lands in Tegucigalpa

Honduran capital's "Marcha de las Putas" is the latest site for the international movement against blaming victims for sexual violence.
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