Jun 25, 2015
Photo: Scazon/flickr

It's Liberal vs. New Democrat as de facto campaign begins

Karl Nerenberg
NDPers have been attacking Liberals since Jack Layton skewered Michael Ignatieff for poor attendance. The Liberals' favourite attack on the NDP is the unfair one about "separation based on one vote."
Jun 16, 2015
Image: Voices-Voix

New report scorches Harper's record on democracy

Karl Nerenberg
Voices-Voix, a coalition of 200 groups and 5,000 individuals, has issued a new and exhaustive report called "Dismantling Democracy." It provides a detailed and frightening account.
May 15, 2015
Photo: Joe Cressy/flickr

Note to NDP -- take a deep breath and avoid hubris

Karl Nerenberg
An EKOS poll and a poll in B.C. both show a boost in support for the NDP following the election in Alberta. That should not be an occasion for gloating or braggadocio.


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