US attack on Iran

Mar 20, 2012
Photo: Shreyans Bhansali/Flickr

'Don't attack Iran!' Five lessons from the Iraq war

James Clark
March 20 marks the nine-year anniversary of the start of the Iraq war. The pro-war arguments that were exposed as lies years ago are now making a comeback, this time to justify an attack on Iran.
Mar 16, 2012

Netanyahu's campaign to change U.S. politics using Iran

Jesse Rosenfeld
Bolstered by a Tea Party-oriented Mid-East Canadian foreign policy and a record of using war to win elections at home, Israel's Prime Minister hits the campaign trail to change U.S. politics.
Mar 6, 2012

Alert! #205: Iran's nuclear threat is a myth

Alert! Radio from Canadian Dimension
This week, Alert! interviews Sara Flounders and Yves Engler, two of the presenters at a University of Toronto forum on the Geopolitics of Sanctions and War Against Iran.
Nov 16, 2011

Slouching towards Armageddon

Peter Marmorek
Iran, Israel and the U.S. play Nuclear Chicken: the background, the present, possible futures.
Sep 25, 2008

Democracy Now! 10/25/08

Protest rally against $700 bailout plan for Wall Street and interview with Iranian President about threat of a US attack on Iran
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