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McGuinty's axing of the Special Diet program is a catastrophe to poor and sick Ontarians

Single parents with two children are up by just $10 a month in Ontario, thanks to the McGuinty government's Budget on March 25. This was their response to Dalton McGuinty's re-election campaign promise to reduce poverty in the province -- the raising of social assistance rates by 1 per cent. 


New anti-racism website started local and grew

Rachel Gurofsky was working late one night, trying to meet a deadline. In the morning she was going to jump on the TTC and meet her boss at Union Station on Front Street in Toronto and hand over the research she was doing.

Although it was only partly finished, she knew that the new anti-racism website plan was going to be a great resource. She had sifted through hundreds of similar sites that dealt with issues relating to racism and diversity, and what struck her most about these sites was how un-user-friendly they were, how difficult to navigate, and how information was often not well organized and scattered across numerous sites. She promised herself that the website she had in mind would be better.


It's official: Blacks are three times more likely to be stopped by Toronto police

The Toronto Star's 2010 investigative series on racial profiling proved the black community right. It is not often that disputes about perspective are conclusively settled with one side clearly right. However, the difference of opinion between the black community and the police force over whether the Toronto police engage in the practice of racial profiling may finally be settled.


Making change from the bottom-up

What happens when the political becomes personal? Then who has the power?
Does Stephen Harper because he's our prime minister? For sure. Does Oprah Winfrey because she's a billionaire media celebrity who likes to share her political views and ideas? Yep, she's got some sway. How about ordinary citizens who come together to champion certain causes, or try to tackle certain socio-economic problems? Do they have any political power? Darn right they do. And they're what Maker Culture politics is all about. People, united in cause, working together to spread a message and set changes in action.

Whether at the local, provincial, national or global level, examples of Maker Culture politics are everywhere.

London Activism: Empowerment Infoshop


Plans for mega-highways are threatening Ontario's Greenbelt
| December 3, 2014

Hundreds of Seneca College faculty to lose job security

Photo: flickr/Yanic Gendron

Hundreds of Seneca College teachers may lose their jobs or have them downgraded to non-union positions this January.

As the college proceeds with cuts, hundreds of "partial load" unionized jobs will be replaced with non-unionized part-time positions. Part-time faculty do not have office hours, are not paid for student contact time, and often work two or three jobs to make ends meet.

"English and liberal studies have been especially hard hit," said OPSEU Local 560 President Jonathan Singer, "but there are drastic cuts across the board."


Canada loses to Mexico: Was Ford ever planning to invest in Windsor?

Photo: Shawn Micallef

After months of discussion with the Ontario and Federal governments, Ford Motor Co. has decided to take its engine investment elsewhere.

The global engine deal would have brought roughly $2 billion of investment to manufacture 1.5 and 1.6 Litre engines. It would also have created over 900 jobs and secured the future of engine manufacturing in Ontario for the next decade.

Speaking to CBC's Amanda Lang, Unifor president Jerry Dias explained that the contract was originally slated for Mexico, but that the Union and the province were hoping to bring the contract north.


Ontario municipal elections: Labour endorsements ahoy!

Photo: flickr/Jaimie McCaffrey
Not sure which candidates are the most labour-friendly? Never fear, Ella Bedard has created a handy list of endorsements by labour unions. Happy voting everyone!

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Labour endorsements in Ontario's municipal elections

Photo: flickr/Jaimie McCaffrey

With less than four days to go until Ontario's municipal elections, undecided voters may be looking for guidance. Several unions and labour organizations are supporting mayoral, city council, and school district candidates.

Some Labour District Councils have also published lists of endorsements, highlighting candidates who support environmental and economic sustainability, local economic stimulus, better social services, and workers' rights. Endorsements often entail more than just a seal of approval. In many cases, unions or area labour councils will donate time, and staff to their preferred candidates.


Image: Flickr/Mark Spowart
| October 15, 2014
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