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| April 24, 2014
| April 9, 2014

Toronto City Council pushes back against Big Oil and Line 9

Toronto City Council adopted a series of motions on April 1 seeking to protect residents against transport of toxic oil products by pipeline and rail.

While the motions have no legal effect, they mark an important victory for local ecological campaigners and all Toronto residents.


| March 31, 2014
Photo: flickr/Peter Blanchard
| March 24, 2014
Photo: Flickr/Toban Black
| March 21, 2014
| March 12, 2014

Line 9 will 'snake' across Ontario and Quebec waterways

Photo: Robert Cory

The National Energy Board's (NEB) announcement of its approval of Enbridge's Line 9B pipeline is generating outrage among environmental activists across Ontario and Quebec. The pipeline, already in place for nearly 40 years, has a history of leaks and the repurposing of it to carry dilbit (diluted bitumen) under high pressure is seen as an environmental catastrophe waiting to happen. Mark Mattson, an environmental lawyer and president of Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, is particularly concerned. "There are hundreds of rivers that feed into Lake Ontario. [Line 9] will be carrying dilbit, and this pipeline wasn't made for that. It was made to carry other substances." He goes on to add, "Line 9 is just one of many, many emerging threats to the Great Lakes."


| March 9, 2014
| March 9, 2014
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