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Stupidity insurance: NEB in depth

September 13, 2016
| We dig into the ongoing National Energy Board scandals, with skepticism about their independence and unbiased perspective. Also Dakota Access Pipeline protest updates and more...
Length: 53:16 minutes (48.78 MB)
| August 22, 2016
Green Majority Radio

Disillusioned conservatives, apply within

August 8, 2016
| We start with a critique of conservative ideology and credibility on the issue of climate change and cap and trade.
Length: 53:46 minutes (49.23 MB)
Image: Flickr/pmwebphotos
| March 10, 2016
Obama sets out his climate test for Keystone XL
| February 4, 2015

Recent accord between U.S. and Cuba stops short of significant change

January 23, 2015
| Americans able to visit more freely, the Cuban 5 released and essential construction materials allowed into the country. But what else was in the agreement between Obama and Castro?
Length: 15:56 minutes (14.6 MB)
| October 6, 2014

Sierra Club learns of secret deal between Alberta government and Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

July 22, 2014
| Sierra Club Canada says it's been told of a secret deal to increase carbon tax in return for reduced clean-up requirements on tailings ponds.
Length: 09:48 minutes (8.98 MB)
| April 29, 2014
| April 23, 2014
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