war crimes

Nov 11, 2011

Reframing Remembrance Day

Jason Kunin
Let us remember all the victims of war, civilian and military. Let us remember all aspects of war, not just those that make us feel good about ourselves. Today, let us remember everything.
Oct 7, 2011

jhr Rights Report #5: Civil war crimes

Journalists for Human Rights
The fifth edition of the jhr Rights Report focuses on Sri Lanka. Two years after the civil war ended, why isn't anyone being held accountable for the war crimes that were committed?
Jul 6, 2011

How Wikileaks has changed the world

Last Saturday, Julian Assange made his way by train from house arrest in Norfolk to join me and Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek for a public conversation about Wikileaks.
Jun 4, 2011

Toronto welcomes a beloved war criminal

Gerry Caplan
Let's say you were looking for some escape from the daily grind on a gorgeous spring evening. Some Torontonians might want to go hear a real live accused war criminal, who's been invited to town.


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