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William Worthy and Vincent Harding: Two men who shaped modern history

Vincent Harding. Photo: On Being/flickr

The world lost two remarkable men in May, two African-Americans who helped shape modern history, yet whose names and achievements remain too little known. William Worthy, a journalist, died at the age of 92. Civil-rights activist Vincent Harding was 82. Each was a witness to some of the most pivotal events of the latter half of the 20th century. They led their lives speaking truth to power, working for a better world.

Book Launch: Revolutionary Activism in the 1950s & 60s

Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - 6:30pm


Pauper's Pub
539 Bloor St. West
Toronto, ON
43° 39' 54.9936" N, 79° 24' 36.2772" W

You're invited to celebrate the launch of: Revolutionary Activism in the 1950s & 60s
Volume 1: Canada 1955-1965;
Volume 2: Britain 1965-1970

Meet the author, Ernest Tate. And special guests Bryan Palmer, Chris Schenk and Richard Fidler.

Books will be on sale for a special price of $30 (cash) for both volumes.

Sponsored by Centre for Social Justice and Socialist Project

Community, 'the struggle' and social justice activism

Photo: flickr/Ibai Lemon
Ngoc Loan Tran is a prominent organizer in immigrant, queer and trans communities, and this work reminds them of their mother's identity and how it fits into "the struggle" and their own politics.

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Connecting the need to survive to social justice activism

The first time my mom saw me speak about social justice was on the seven o'clock news. I was speaking about the effects of Don't Ask, Don't Tell on young LGBT people looking for reflections of themselves in society. It was an important moment for my mother and I because it showed us the similarities and differences in how we were each transforming the world.

Over the years, as I've developed my identity as an organizer, I've learned more about my mother's history, and although it's made me appreciate the vast differences in the context of our "activism," it ultimately has made me feel like we're a part of the same revolution -- as movement moms and daughters. 


Post trans* positive signs in bathrooms

Gender segregated bathrooms continue to be a barrier to trans* people who often face gender policing, accusations or outright violence when they try to use them. Though gender neutral bathrooms are vital, many building and schools are resistant to creating these accessible washrooms due to the cost. When there aren’t gender neutral bathrooms available and trans* people are forced into possibly unsafe situations, you can help stand with them. Free to Pee George Brown College has created posters to put up gender segregated bathrooms that explain how to treat someone who may look gender variant in the bathroom: like everyone else.


Bring back Nigeria's 200 missing girls #BringBackOurGirls

Sign the petition here!

Mainstream Western media has taken far too long to cover the story of 200 schoolgirls abducted by extremists in Nigeria. It's time to take action and keep the issue in the news. Join the #BringBackOurGirls campaign. From the petition:

In Nigeria, over 200 girls were recently abducted from their boarding school and plans are reported of them being selling them as brides for $ 12 each. I am calling on the world to unite and save them.


May Day and remembering Dan Heap

Photo courtesy of Brent Patterson
On this May Day, Brent Patterson takes time to remember the late Dan Heap and his commitment to peace and justice, as well as the time the two were arrested on May Day 1996.

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Introducing... UP! Canadian labour rising


I sometimes feel as if "the Left," that massive catchall term for a group that's meant to encompass everyone who isn't a heartless, tax-hating, business-loving earth killer, is standing along the shore of the ocean. Together, we look outward trying to see the other side, but we are knocked down, again and again, by massive waves.

Whether we think we can withstand the waves or stop the waves simply by our presence doesn't matter. We keep getting knocked down, standing back up and getting knocked down again.

All the energy it takes to get up again and again makes it impossible for us to see the boat that's just to our left.


Remembering Dan Heap on May Day

Photo: Brent Patterson

Dan Heap was a saint.

I suspect he would completely reject that designation, but I think he was.

I first met Dan (to be accurate I knew him as Don) at (where else?) a protest march in downtown Toronto one chilly afternoon in 1995. His wife Alice and a group of parishioners at the Church of the Holy Trinity had just hired me as their new Social Justice Worker. He was both surprised and delighted that I would be at this march and almost immediately -- and with the great urgency he was known for -- began to talk about the things we could do now that I had this job.


NoBlogs is a bloggin platform that uses Wordpress for the backend, so it's very easy to use. However, unlike mainstream sites like Blogspot, you can use the platform completely anonymously. None of your data is logged and the site is run by an Italian collective rooted in radical organizing.

From their website: 


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