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United Steelworker action connects cruise ships and canning


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Carnival cruise passengers on a trip to the Bahamas got a surprise earlier this year when they were joined on their trip by three activists, all bearing t-shirts with the picture of Carnival Cruise Lines CEO Arnold Donald and the words,  "ask me about Arnold Donald."

It was part of a multi-pronged campaign against food and beverage container manufacturer Crown Holdings. Workers at a plant in Toronto headed to the picket lines in the fall of 2013, and their union, United Steelworkers (USW), knew it would take more than a strike to bring management back to the bargaining table.


| February 11, 2014

Militant protest good for democracy

February 7, 2014
| Martin Luther King said rioting was the language of the unheard. In his new book, Languages of the Unheard, Stephen D'Arcy argues that militant protest is essential for a healthy democracy.
Length: 17:28 minutes (16 MB)

Beit Zatoun's Annual Open House and Rent Party

Saturday, February 22, 2014 - 6:30pm


Beit Zatoun
612 Markham St. (Bathurst subway)
Toronto, ON
43° 39' 11.6136" N, 79° 22' 59.4624" W

Flavours and Sounds of Beit Zatoun

~Nazar-i Turkwaz (My Turquoise Gaze)
with Maryem Tollar,  Jayne Brown Brenna MacCrimmon, Sophia Grigoriadis

~Sharghi Percussion Ensemble
   with Naghmeh Farahmand
~and Yvette Tollar
~special guest appearance – Elizabeth Block

Beit Zatoun’s annual open house / anniversary / fundraising concert has become a party and music highlight of the year.  Join the Beit Zatoun community for an evening of Middle Eastern sounds and flavours to go along with sharing and warm friendships.

Constructing change: the activist toolkit

Walking the talk: Anti-oppression and the spoken word community

January 30, 2014
| On this episode of Rad Voices, I spoke with activist and poet Janice Lee about anti-racism organizing in the spoken word community.
Length: 14:33 minutes (13.33 MB)

Singing truth to power: Pete Seeger's legacy of social justice

Photo: Josef Schwarz/Wikimedia Commons

Pete Seeger's life, like the arc of the moral universe famously invoked by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., bent toward justice. He died this week at 94. Pete sang truth to power through the epic struggles of most of the last century, for social justice, for civil rights, for workers, for the environment and for peace. His songs, his wise words, his legacy will resonate for generations.

'Letters Lived' captures the personal and political of an activist's journey

Letters Lived: Radical Reflections, Revolutionary Paths

by Edited by Sheila Sampath
(Three O'Clock Press,

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Do you ever wish you could write your teenaged self a letter about what you wished you had known back then?

Letters Lived: Radical reflections, revolutionary paths edited by Sheila Sampath takes this question and poses it to a diverse group of international and cross-generational social justice activists and asks them to answer. The result is a series of candid and powerful letters that discuss the personal and political and the journey in between.


Lubicon Cree interview -- fracking, land defence, rights, sovereignty, support

Greg Macdougall sat down with Cynthia and Garrett Tomlinson, Land and Negotiations Advisor and Communications Coordinator, respectively, of the Lubicon Lake Nation to discuss the ongoing land protests.


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