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Paul Hellyer
| June 25, 2014

Temporary Foreign Worker Program: Let the critiques begin!

Photo: flickr/Miriam Katawazi
Critiques of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program abound from inside, and outside, parliament after the announcement of changes to the program.

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Changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program met with criticism

Photo: Miriam Katawazi

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The federal government changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program received criticism just minutes after the announcement on Friday from opposition politicians and activists across the country.

Liberal MP John McCallum said the changes deserve a grade of C+. NDP MP Pat Martin said that the good news is the fact the government acknowledges the program is broken. The bad news, he adds, is that "they have done little to actually fix it."


What do the polls tell us about the federal political race?

Photo: flickr/Kumar Appaiah
Political journalists have a love-hate relationship with polls and pollsters. But even those who profess great skepticism can't help but be influenced by the stories the polls tell.

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| June 23, 2014
Jason kenney
| June 21, 2014

Terri-Jean Bedford on the proposed new sex work law Bill C-36

Photo: wikimedia commons

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In 2007 I was one of three women who began a constitutional challenge of Canada's prostitution laws. I am the Bedford in Bedford Versus Canada. Before that I was wrongly convicted under these laws, which were struck down in 2010 by Justice Himel. In 2012 the Ontario Court of Appeal basically supported her decision and in 2013 the Supreme Court, Chief Justice McLachlin writing, voted unanimously to support it as well. They said the laws were arbitrary, too vague, worked against stated objectives, endangered specific groups and put unfair restrictions on a legal activity, the sex trade.


Lorne Gunter
| June 19, 2014
Tim Hudak
| June 18, 2014

National Forum on Clean Energy and Industry

Friday, October 3, 2014 - 8:30am


House of Commons
Room 253-D, Center Block
Ottawa, ON
45° 25' 23.4444" N, 75° 41' 4.56" W

Renewable energies and clean technologies in Canada are innovative, create jobs and contribute to environmental protection.Join the conversation and participate in the forum! 

FRIDAY OCTOBER 3rd, 2014 FROM 8:30AM TO 5:00PM 

House of Commons Room 253-D, Center Block 

Hosted by: Peter Julian, Official Opposition, House Leader Anne Minh-Thu Quach, Official Opposition Deputy Critic for IndustryFrançois Choquette, Official Opposition Deputy Critic for Environment 

The forum will consist of four panels of prominent Canadian and international experts:Renewable Energies, Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Industries & Urban Centers,and International Models. 

Our panelists will include:

Mark Rowlinson, Blue Green Canada

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