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September 24, 2014 |
On Saturday, more than 25,000 people protesting the Couillard government's Bill 3 marched through downtown Montreal.
September 24, 2014 |
After the gutting of Conservative member of Parliament Russ Hiebert's private member's bill, the Conservative government is taking another shot at Bill C-377.
Brian Gallant
| September 24, 2014

Illustrating the hidden architecture of migrant detention

Undocumented: The Architecture of Migrant Detention

by Tings Chak
(The Architecture Observer,

Immigration detention is Canada's fastest growing form of incarceration. Pending deportation, the Canadian governments puts migrants in immigration hold, separating them from their families, making adequate legal counsel inaccessible and subjecting them to constant lockdowns.

They're deemed flight risks and detained for overstaying their visas or permits, or for having their permanent or refugee status revoked.

Like failing to pay a parking permit or filing taxes on time, these migrants are only accused of an "administrative offense." But unlike those other offenses, these are some of the only ones which lead to detention.


New Brunswick election 2014: Green Party leader takes Fredericton riding, NDP leader resigns

Photo: flickr/Rick Harris

Editor update: Progressive Conservative leader David Alward has annouced he will resign as the party's leader and an interim leader will be chosen in consultation with the rest of the PC party.


Anxiety: Is it defining our society?

Photo: Chris Brown/flickr
What is it like to work in the age of anxiety. Does this anxiety affect our focus, courage and ability?

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Work in the age of anxiety

Photo: Chris Brown/flickr

Working Canadians, from blue-collar workers to middle-class professionals to those who flip hamburgers, are facing the worst economy insecurity, most stressful working conditions, slowest increases in real income and most cynical anti-worker governments since the 1930s. At the same time, the 1% and the powerful corporations that make them rich have not been so privileged in terms of wealth, income and political power since the pre-crash 1920s.

| September 19, 2014 polls

What do you think the people of New Brunswick should consider as they cast their ballots?

The New Brunswick provincial election is on Monday, and there are many issues at play!

What do you think the people of New Brunswick should consider as they cast their ballots?


| September 24, 2014
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