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Preston Manning
| August 9, 2014

#PSF2014: The launch of a partnership for the 21st century

On August 21-24, 2014, dozens of social movement sectors from across the country will converge on Ottawa to attend the Peoples' Social Forum. At this critical moment in our history, social justice, labour, environmental and Indigenous social movements must answer the question: "Are we ready to do what it takes to stop the Harper government's aggressive neoliberal agenda?"

In recent years, two social movements have shown what we are capable of when we really organize.  


Mothers and Families for Gaza occupy NDP office to support Gaza

Photo: Mothers and Families for Gaza
A group of 30 mothers and children occupied NDP MP Don Davies' Vancouver office to show support for Gazans and protest the NDP's position on Israel.

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Mothers and children occupy NDP office to support Gazans

Photo: Mothers and Families for Gaza

On Tuesday August 5, a group of 30 mothers and families occupied NDP MP Don Davies' office in Vancouver advocating for Palestinian children who have died as a result of Israel's actions in Gaza.

The members of the Mothers and Families for Gaza action said they condemn both the current military operation and the continuous Israeli siege of Palestinian territories. "Children in Gaza have lived all or most of their lives under the Israeli siege that has blocked proper food, medicine, building supplies and other necessities of life from coming in to Gaza," the group said in a public statement. 


Dear NDP: Stop apologizing for war crimes and breaches of human rights

Photo: Darren Ell

We expect the NDP, in its role as the main opposition party in Ottawa, to take a strong stand regarding the ongoing assault on Palestinians in Gaza. We are extremely disappointed by the NDP's official statement and denounce it as insufficient and riddled with omissions. While paying lip service to criticizing the government, there is little that distinguishes Tom Mulcair and his official party line in any profound way from the position of the Harper government. Through its statement the NDP exposes its deep bias towards the Israeli politics of occupation and aggression, and it will have no effect on the disastrous path the Canadian government has chosen.


Photo: Mack Male/flickr
| August 5, 2014
History's most famous "perp walk"
| August 4, 2014

NDP youth speak out on Gaza: 'It's time to call a spade a spade'

photo credit: Mohammed Saber/EPA

An ocean away from Palestine, Canadians have watched on in absolute horror as the death toll continues to mount. In three short weeks, hundreds of people in Gaza, a majority of them civilians, have been wiped out at the discretion of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

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What do you think of the action at Paul Dewar's office?

Fifteen protesters occupied NDP Foreign Affairs critic Paul Dewar's office in Ottawa on Thursday demanding an end to what they call a "deafening silence" from the NDP on Israel's war on Gaza.

What do you think of this kind of action?


Doug Horner
| August 1, 2014
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