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| January 14, 2015
| January 12, 2015
Photo: Flickr/bibiweb
| January 12, 2015

Charlie Hebdo attack targeted satire, not journalism

Photo: Brigitte Djajasasmita/flickr

I'm uneasy calling the massacre in Paris an attack on journalism. Journalism is a vast flabby entity, practised by many. The slaughter at Charlie Hebdo was aimed at satire, birthed along with journalism in the enlightenment era (Swift in England, Moliere and Voltaire in France, many others). More precisely, it was aimed at political cartooning, which the French adore. Daumier was the great precursor to the martyrs -- I think that's the right word -- this week.

| September 3, 2014
| April 1, 2014

Ottawa situation report: Harper does the chicken hawk

Photo: pmwebphotos/flickr

Embassies around the world routinely prepare situation reports or sitreps: assessments of host governments and their leaders. Foreign offices request these reports be updated prior to bilateral consultations or international meetings.

In advance of the emergency G7 meeting held in Holland on Monday March 24, an Ottawa embassy sitrep was circulated among European Union foreign ministries. This portrait of PM Harper and Canadian foreign policy under his direction is reproduced below.



When a government protects workers by criminalizing them

Photo: Justin Scott Campbell/flickr

Imagine for a moment, if the debate over prostitution laws was aimed at other types of workers...

In a bold move aimed at protecting workers from exploitation while on the job, the government today passed a new law that criminalizes most employers and customers. The law addresses the void left by the Supreme Court of Canada in December 2013, when it struck down laws that it said prevented workers from taking safety measures to protect themselves from abusive customers, but which the government said were designed to prevent people from working, period.

Photo: Kendrick Arnett/flickr
| March 4, 2014
| March 1, 2014
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