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Film: Line in the Sand

May 21, 2015
| A new movie documents the realities on the ground for people who live along the Northern Gateway pipeline route in Northern Alberta and B.C. Jim Mainguy speaks with filmmaker Tomas Borsa.
Length: 18:27 minutes (16.9 MB)
| May 13, 2015
Photo credit: Don Hoffmann
| May 13, 2015
John Bonnar Audio Blog

Activists call for permanent shutdown of Mount Polley mine

April 29, 2015
| April 29 was a national day of action to stop the reopening of the Mount Polley Mine in British Columbia.
Length: 19:41 minutes (18.02 MB)
Photo: flickr/ Connor Tarter
| April 29, 2015

Acquittal in Cindy Gladue murder case sparks renewed calls for national inquiry

April 25, 2015
| Aboriginal sex worker Cindy Gladue bled to death four years ago in an Edmonton hotel room. Following the acquittal of the man accused of killing her, protests erupted across the country.
Length: 13:40 minutes (12.53 MB)
| April 21, 2015

Heiltsuk occupy DFO office, close down herring fishery

April 17, 2015
| Last month, the Department of Fisheries and Ocean declared a surprise opening of a herring fishery on the Central Coast that has been closed for nine years, without consulting the local First Nation.
Length: 15:24 minutes (14.1 MB)
| April 13, 2015
Laura Robinson
| April 9, 2015
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