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Book: Canoe Crossings

March 16, 2015
| The canoe has played a integral role in the lives of people in Canada for thousands of years. A new book takes us from the earliest days of the canoe to its current place in the culture of B.C.
Length: 16:53 minutes (15.46 MB)

Film: One River, Many Relations

March 15, 2015
| The Mikesew Cree and Athabasca Chipewan First Nations live along the Athabaska River, downstream from the Alberta tar sands, a project which affects almost every aspect of their daily lives.
Length: 19:15 minutes (17.63 MB)
Image: Twitter/@David_Fvnes86
| March 12, 2015
Image: wikimedia commons
| March 11, 2015

New B.C. law treats water as resource, not public trust

March 9, 2015
| Last year, the B.C. government introduced the Water Sustainability Act. The legislation will regulate groundwater and measure large-scale water use. Critics says the act is too industry-friendly.
Length: 12:12 minutes (11.18 MB)

Hundreds of expert recommendations to end violence against First Nations women ignored

March 8, 2015
| A new report urges the federal government to implement the recommendations in the 58 studies that have been done into ending violence against First Nations women and girls.
Length: 19:55 minutes (18.24 MB)
Photo: flickr/Stephen Harper
| March 4, 2015

Coalition draws up national plan to tackle poverty in Canada

March 1, 2015
| Canada is one of the wealthiest countries in the world yet millions of Canadians live in poverty. Dignity for All has just published a anti-poverty plan to get this issue on the national agenda.
Length: 11:38 minutes (10.66 MB)

Why we need to bring back the mandatory long-form census

February 23, 2015
| A private member's bill to bring back the long-form census has reinvigorated discussion about the importance of statistics for effective government.
Length: 09:54 minutes (9.07 MB)
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