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Indigenous people are being killed by Canada's negligence and ignorance

Image: Flickr/Thienv
Racism doesn't just hurt feelings -- racism kills. It's time for Canadians to support and stand up for this land's Aboriginal people.

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Challenging solitary confinement in Canadian prisons

February 20, 2015
| International human rights groups say extended solitary confinement amounts to torture. Yet there are as many as 1800 people in solitary confinement in federal or provincial prisons.
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Image: Flickr/Thienv
| February 20, 2015

Justice for First Nations children: A talk by Cindy Blackstock

February 18, 2015
| Every child has the right to grow up safely at home, go to a good school and be healthy. But the federal government chronically underfunds services for First Nations children on reserve.
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Harper's 'anti-terror' bill may turn Indigenous activists into terrorists

Photo: flickr/Stephen Harper
Experts and commentators have called Harper's new anti-terror bill, which will create a secret police force, terrifying, illegal, unconstitutional, dictatorial and totalitarianism.

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First Peoples, Palestine and the Crushing of Free Speech

February 12, 2015
| Steven Salaita had been hired to teach at the University of Illinois when he tweeted his objections to Israel's bombing of Gaza. Under pressure from donors, the university withdrew the job offer.
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| February 12, 2015
| December 9, 2014
| November 28, 2014
Photo: Robert Linsdell/flickr
| November 25, 2014
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