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Twelve Canadians: Jessica Ernst

June 15, 2014
| Profile of Alberta environmental consultant/landowner Jessica Ernst, who's suing Encana Energy, the Alberta Energy Regulator and the Alberta government for $33 million for fracking her well water.
Length: 30:04 minutes (68.85 MB)
| April 13, 2014
| April 9, 2014
Photo: flickr/"Piping Cold" by Darren Kirby
| April 8, 2014
| March 12, 2014
February 14, 2014 |
Alberta will now lead the way in Canada as being the worst offender for violating international labour standards that it has committed to uphold and promote.
| February 5, 2014

'Got Land? Thank an Indian' challenges and creates awareness of Treaties

Photo: Atom Charly
The controversy of the 'Got Land? Thank an Indian' shirts have challenged individuals to become more aware of Canada's colonial history.

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Got Land? Improve your treaty literacy

Photo: Atom Charly

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This past October 2013, I was walking with many of my family, friends who were mostly children on a historic walk to create awareness about an oil spill by Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. (CNRL). The spill started in May 2013 near Cold Lake, Alberta within Treaties 6 and 8 territories. To this day, CNRL still has no idea how to stop it. 


November 29, 2013 |
Redford should address real issues in the province like fixing the broken tax system and corporate giveaways instead of targeting hardworking public service workers.
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