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Stephen Harper worst PM on the economy since 1946

September 14, 2015
| The Conservative government's reliance on austerity and trickle-down economics has led to the most poorly performing Canadian economy since the Second World War, according to Jim Stanford.
Length: 15:04 minutes (13.81 MB)
Image: Yves Engler
| September 13, 2015
Conservative Leaflet
| September 6, 2015
Up For Debate
| August 25, 2015
Ralph Klein
| August 25, 2015
Image: Flickr/ifrc
| August 21, 2015
Jason Kenney
| August 19, 2015

GroundWire | August 17, 2015: Fair Elections Act, Energy East pipeline, prisoners' rights

August 17, 2015
| This episode of GroundWire was produced at Kootenay Co-op Radio, a co-operative community radio station which broadcasts on Sinixt traditional territory.
Length: 29:07 minutes (24.91 MB)

UN report card slams Canada's record on human rights

August 12, 2015
| A recent United Nations report documents the loss of human rights protections in Canada since Harper came to power in 2006. Lara Yeo says the report is a sobering read.
Length: 17:50 minutes (16.33 MB)

Worth Fighting For: Canada's Tradition of War Resistance

August 12, 2015
| Stephen Harper wants to rebrand Canada as a nation steeped in warrior traditions. A new book tells the story of the many Canadians who opposed war and violence as far back as 1812.
Length: 10:35 minutes (9.7 MB)
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