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Storified: The Ottawa Women's Forum

On Thursday Oct. 18, 2012 NDP MP Niki Ashton hosted Ottawa's first bilingual Women's Forum. was there to cover the action, liveblogging, tweeting and posting audio. But guess who was missing?



Democracy Watch launches campaign to end end secret, unlimited donations in politics and make political finance more democratic

| November 8, 2012
Christopher Majka

Superpower or Supermarket? The folly of foreign investment - Part 5

| November 9, 2012

Poll shows majority of Canadians distrust private health insurance companies

November 9, 2012
| The Canadian Health Coalition commissioned a poll to find out how Canadians feel about the role of private insurance companies in our health care system. They got some interesting results.
Length: 10:26 minutes (9.56 MB)

'Armoured Harper' speaks at World Economic Forum in India

Photo:  World Economic Forum / flickr
Just how much did it cost Canadian taxpayers for Harper to take his own vehicles to India? (Photo: World Economic Forum / flickr)

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Debunking the spin around Harper's FIPA with China

There is a lot of spin about the Canada-China investment treaty (or FIPA). Canadians should not be fooled into the deal. They should insist on an independent review of the government's claims, before the treaty is locked in for 31 years.

Recently, National Post columnist Andrew Coyne analyzed the treaty and pronounced it safe. However, Coyne missed key elements of the treaty, did not compare it to other agreements, and failed to appreciate the record of arbitration awards. Here is a more accurate overview of the treaty’s significance for Canada.


FIPA update: How to respond to Conservative letters about the China investment treaty

| November 5, 2012

Bill McKibben on 'No Pipelines! No Tankers!' tour

November 5, 2012
| Bill McKibben recorded in Burnaby, B.C. speaking about the importance of the fight against the tar sands and the pipelines and tankers used to transport it.
Length: 31:47 minutes (29.11 MB)
Christopher Majka

Resource capitulation: FIPPA, fibs, and Canadian sellouts -- Part 4

| November 2, 2012

An open letter to Stephen Harper: Canada - China FIPPA abrogates rights of Indigenous people

Prime Minister Harper: 

On behalf the Union of BC Indian Chiefs, we are writing to firmly express, advise and direct the Government of Canada to reject the Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement with China as the Government of Canada has breached its fiduciary duty to consult First Nations on our respective constitutionally-enshrined and judicially-recognized Aboriginal Title, Rights and Treaty Rights. 


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