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August 15, 2014 |
The National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) is welcoming the leak of the text of the Canada-EU trade deal CETA by the German television show Tagesschau.
Photo: flickr/Vladimir Yaitskiy
| August 14, 2014
| August 14, 2014
The Swan Song

Youth suicide in Canada

August 6, 2014
| Dr. Michael Markwick discusses how insufficient clinical services funding for youth has impacted youth suicide rates.
Length: 28:21 minutes (25.96 MB)

100th anniversary walking tour of the Komagata Maru

August 1, 2014
| In 1914, the Komogata Maru steamed into Vancouver. For the next two months, the over 300 would-be immigrants were stranded in the harbour. Naveen Girn led a historical walking tour on July 23.
Length: 13:27 minutes (12.33 MB)

Free access to online information under threat from TPP

August 1, 2014
| Negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership are being kept secret but there are clues about what may be in store for Canada if we look at Australia's experience with AUSFTA.
Length: 17:59 minutes (16.46 MB)
Stephen Harper
| July 27, 2014
Image: Facebook/Amir Schiby
| July 21, 2014
| July 11, 2014
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