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Who funds today's tobacco research?

photo: flickr/ganeshaisis
The Fraser Institute research results that questioned whether smoking can cause cancer were funded by Big Tobacco. So this leads to the question: Who funds today's research?

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photo: flickr/ganeshaisis
| April 24, 2014
| April 22, 2014

B.C. Labour Board rules in favour of blacklisted Mexican workers

Photo: flickr/Egan Snow

The B.C. Labour Relations Board has ruled that the Mexican government blacklisted seasonal agriculture workers who formed a union at their workplace in the lower B.C. mainland.

The Board found that the Mexican government improperly interfered by identifying workers who were a part of United Food and Commercial Workers at Sidhu & Sons Nursery, a flower growing operation in Abbotsford, B.C. and prevented them from returning to Canada to work under the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SWAP).


With C-23 looming, I need to apologize for my 2004 voting experiment

image: James Di Fiore

This piece is an apology. Although I do not believe a story I wrote single-handedly changed electoral law, it has been used to support the development of the Fair Elections Act.

I am one of eight people who, since 1992, have been convicted of a voter fraud offence in Canada. The exact wording of my charge was "Applying to be on a list of electors twice."



Experts in constitutional democracy critique Fair Elections Act

March 18, 2014
| On March 11, the National Post published a letter raising concerns with Bill C-23. It was signed by more than 150 experts in the field of constitutional democracy from universities across Canada.
Length: 11:19 minutes (10.37 MB)
| March 17, 2014
| March 6, 2014


January 20, 2014
| One of the plays at the PuSH festival this week is set in the far North. It tells the story of the encounter between a museum worker from Toronto and a woman who lives in Pond Inlet, Nunavut.
Length: 16:32 minutes (15.15 MB)
Canadian political haruspicy.
| January 15, 2014
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