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| September 2, 2012
| July 22, 2012

Smash the State Report: June 22, 2012

June 30, 2012
| A wrap-up of news including health coverage for refugees, justice for injured migrant workers, and updates from political prisoner Mandy Hiscocks and Alex Hundert, in the G20 "main conspiracy" case.
Length: 51:08
| June 23, 2012
| June 11, 2012

G20 Report: Crown theatrics in #FreeByron show trial, Mandy resists in jail and more!

April 20, 2012
| The G20 Report looks into the circus around the Byron Sonne trial as it wraps up, a report from the first trial by jury for an accused G20 rioter as it starts up and an update from Mandy and from Dan!
Length: 33:17

G20 Report: Ongoing trials, jailhouse and pre-jail interviews

April 9, 2012
| In the G20 Report we give an update on the trial of Byron Sonne, talk about ongoing operations against activists and play the first of Carmelle Wolfson's G20 interviews.
Length: 47:19

Regarding his G20 resistance jailing: Adam's statement to the court

January 4, 2012
| A few songs accompany Adam Lewis's statement to the court as he was sentenced for his participation in community resistance to colonial capitalism.
Length: 23:49
| December 21, 2011
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