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The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives at 30

Marcus Aurelius was a philosopher, a stoic who believed in translating thought into practical action. When he became Emperor of Rome in the second century A.D. he wanted all of Rome to embrace philosophical ethics. Instead, Rome came under attack from many sides, and Emperor Aurelius was forced to give his full attention to making war on his enemies.

Talking Radical Radio

A new model of multi-issue social justice organizing in Oshawa

August 27, 2014
| Tiffany Balducci and Jim Freeman talk about We Are Oshawa, a new multi-issue, membership-based social justice organization in a small Ontario city.
Length: 28:13 minutes (25.84 MB)

Joshua Oppenheimer on 'The Act of Killing'

August 26, 2014
| An interview with the man behind the Oscar-nominated film, "The Act of Killing," a documentary about the Indonesian killings of 1965–66, and the soon-to-be-released film, "The Look of Silence."
Length: 36:53 minutes (50.67 MB)

If organizing is the weapon of the oppressed, why are we stuck on mobilizing?

Photo: flickr/Jorene Rene

The rebellion in Ferguson, Missouri, against the killing of unarmed Afrikan American teenager Michael Brown has inspired me to reflect on the question of the organizing model versus mobilizing or mobilization model in the struggle for Afrikan liberation in North America as well as the broader humanistic fight for liberation from various forms of oppression. Organizing the oppressed for emancipation is the preferred approach to engaging them in the fight for their liberation as opposed to merely mobilizing them.


#PSF2014: The launch of a partnership for the 21st century

On August 21-24, 2014, dozens of social movement sectors from across the country will converge on Ottawa to attend the Peoples' Social Forum. At this critical moment in our history, social justice, labour, environmental and Indigenous social movements must answer the question: "Are we ready to do what it takes to stop the Harper government's aggressive neoliberal agenda?"

In recent years, two social movements have shown what we are capable of when we really organize.  


Have a radical Canada Day!

Photo: flickr/Dennis Jarvis
Do you want a country that values tolerance, education, public health, nature, social programs and enlightened laws, or one geared to wholesale exploitation and sale of our natural resources?

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| June 24, 2014
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Bryan Webber on Generosity

June 23, 2014
| Bryan talks about volunteerism, the joy of giving and practicing generosity. He reminds us to think about our roles in the great disparity of the world and why we have to listen to our hearts.
Length: 48:37 minutes (66.77 MB)

Alberta Regional Convergence for the People's Social Forum

Saturday, June 14, 2014 - 9:30am - 4:30pm


Room 129 Education South University of Alberta
11210 – 87 Ave Follow us on twitter: @psfalberta Find us on facebook
Edmonton , AB

The Alberta Convergence for the National People's Social Forum is a grassroots initiative to promote and coordinate Alberta's participation in the People's Social Forum in Ottawa from August 21-24 and beyond.

Attend a day long Alberta Regional Convergence at the University of Alberta in Edmonton to plan the next steps forward, including ideas for workshops, travel to Ottawa and continuing to build a People's Social Forum here in Alberta as well.

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