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The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives at 30

Marcus Aurelius was a philosopher, a stoic who believed in translating thought into practical action. When he became Emperor of Rome in the second century A.D. he wanted all of Rome to embrace philosophical ethics. Instead, Rome came under attack from many sides, and Emperor Aurelius was forced to give his full attention to making war on his enemies.

Preparing Strong Community Responses to the New World Order

Saturday, May 17, 2014 - 1:00pm - 5:00pm


Scottish Cultural Centre
8886 Hudson St. @ 73 ave
Vancouver, BC
49° 15' 40.4136" N, 123° 6' 50.1372" W

"The goal of the New World Order (NWO) is to concentrate the world's economic, political and military power in the hands of an elite few. Fueled by greed and the desire for control, this plan has been developing for centuries and is now nearing its end game. Before more of our rights and freedoms are taken from us, let's educate and activate ourselves by teaming up with other aware community members and responding to this agenda together". 

This event has three segments:

Identifying the NWO Agenda   75 mins

2014 People's Social Forum takes aim at austerity and the Right

Photo: flickr/Mary Kosta

The first ever pan-Canadian social forum will be held this year in Ottawa from August 21 to 24. More than 10,000 participants from all over Canada are expected to come to the University of Ottawa to discuss ways and means of combating the austerity policies of the Harper regime and the provincial governments.

While we have been witness to often spirited resistance in many spaces and places -- the Québec student strike, the indigenous Idle No More movement, and the rallies against the Enbridge and TransCanada pipelines -- there has not yet been a united Canada-wide response. What are the prospects for a pan-Canadian fightback?

Québec and First Nations


Goodbye my friend, Ali Mustafa

Ali, our mutual friends are changing their profile pictures to your face. To your piercing eyes that reach out and grab the photographer right through the lens. I wonder where you are now. Your body is just here, just a few hours drive, but where are you now? What crazy adventure are you up? 

Eventually, they'll change their pictures back, and that day I will cry as I cried all day. What does it mean when they change their pictures? Are they identifying with you? Are they saying they could be you? That your fate could be theirs? That they miss you? Your life, the way you lived it, could have only been lived by you. The life you have lived is the only life you could live. 


Less than zero: Living in the 'real world' of the Left's retreat.

| March 20, 2014

The Tommy Douglas Institute: Igniting a commitment to social justice

Photo: Lieut. G. Barry Gilroy/Library and Archives Canada/Wikimedia Commons

"My dream is for people around the world to look up and to see Canada like a little jewel sitting at the top of the continent."

- Tommy Douglas, 1951

Remembering people's journalist Ali Mustafa

Photo: flickr/vanish.hide

I met Ali Mustafa a long time ago, when he was one of the younger activists in Students Against Israeli Apartheid (SAIA). I was not so old as I am now but Ali's energy and anger made me feel my age then.

Ali was no single-issue activist. He spent a summer working (as an intern I think) with the Movimento Sem Terra (MST) in Brazil, a movement of landless peasants. That was how he did things. He wanted to go, be in it.

He was no hotel journalist. When he went to Palestine and Egypt and to Syria, he lived with the people, shared their risks, faced whatever they faced.


V-Day/Vagina Monologues @ UofT: 'A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant, and A Prayer'

Thursday, February 13, 2014 - 8:00pm - Friday, February 14, 2014 - 9:30pm


Hart House
7 Hart House Circle
Toronto, ON
43° 39' 48.6576" N, 79° 23' 40.3908" W

Hart House Social Justice Committee and V-Day UofT present "A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant, and A Prayer"

From the writer of The Vagina Monologues, Eve Ensler, and Mollie Doyle, comes a collection of monologues to break open, expose, and examine the insidiousness of violence against women at all levels. This production includes pieces from renowned personalities like Kate Clinton, James Lecesne, and Kimberle Crenshaw. Join us for two nights of unforgettable performances that will have you in tears and laughter all night. 

This is a benefit production. All proceeds will go to Nellie's in Toronto and to the V-Day Spotlight Campaign.

Produced by the Hart House Social Justice Committee

February 5, 2014 |
The land issue is central to the latest efforts by Colombians to bring an end to fifty years of conflict.
Krystalline Kraus

Activist Communique: Social Justice Week 2014 -- Educate, Organize, and Mobilize

| February 3, 2014
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