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Stark revelations from workplace labour survey on domestic violence

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The Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) has vowed to take action following their release of a sobering study on the impact of domestic violence in the workplace. 

Conducted by Western University's Centre for Research and Education on Violence Against Women and Children (CREVAWC) in partnership with the CLC, the study surveyed over 8,000 workers from across Canada about their experience with domestic violence.  

Survey results show that domestic violence is following people to work, has a significant impact on performance, and is in some cases resulting in job loss: 


Voices for change: Reflections on the 25th anniversary of December 6

It was 25 years ago this weekend on December 6, 1989 that 14 young women were separated from their male classmates before being shot and killed. The gunman said it was because they were all feminists, all women.

That event brought a new awareness of discrimination against women into the media and into daily life. On this anniversary, rabble called on a range of women to talk about what the events of that day have meant in their own lives and what it means for women today and in the future.


Lucia Lorenzi, anti-violence blogger and doctoral candidate in English at the University of British Columbia:


From 14 to thousands: Remembering victims of femicide

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Editor's note: Many names are included in this piece. One has not been included due to a publication ban.

Twenty-five years ago I was five years old.

I remember seeing the images and hearing that women had been killed.

It wasn't until my university classes, one in particular, where I felt the gravity of what had happened on that Wednesday morning in December, 1989. It was my first-year reporting class at Ryerson. We were analyzing the images and the mistakes made by journalists as they scrambled to tell the story that 14 women had been shot and killed.


December 1, 2014 |
Survey finds disturbing results about domestic violence and its effects in the workplace.
Feminist Current

FAFIA launches campaign of solidarity with Aboriginal women and girls

December 1, 2014
| Meghan Murphy speaks with Cherry Smiley and Shelagh Day about the ongoing effects of colonialism on Aboriginal women and girls and the call for a national inquiry into missing and murdered women.
Length: 30:47 minutes (28.19 MB)
November 28, 2014 |
The houses provide much needed services for women and children fleeing domestic violence situations.
November 28, 2014 |
Over half (53.5 per cent) of those who experience domestic violence report that at least one type of abusive act happened at or near the workplace.
November 26, 2014 |
YWCA Rose Campaign's #NOTokay social media initiative calls on individuals to take a stand on violence against women by sharing their voices in response.
Chantal Bilulu, Coordinator of the Women and Children’s Program for Héritiers de
| November 25, 2014

#BeenRapedNeverReported: I refuse to stay silent

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#BeenRapedNeverReported: I just did it.

When I read that Jian Ghomeshi had been fired, initially, I was shocked because I deeply respected his work. Then I read his statement on Facebook and something didn't seem right.

The repeated use of the words, "it was consensual" raised a red flag for me. Abusers are masters when it comes to explaining their actions as a misunderstanding: it was consensual; it only happened once; she seemed to like it; she never said no; I only gave her what she was asking, and on and on.


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