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Exploding some of the myths about gentrification

October 20, 2013
| David Madden argues that gentrification is not synonymous with urban renewal. Madden is an assistant professor in the Sociology Department and the Cities Program at the London School of Economics.
Length: 15:46 minutes (14.44 MB)

Anti-gentrification activists attacked

September 17, 2013
| Esther Hsieh was interviewing three Downtown Eastside activists in a coffee bar when they were attacked by the manager of a nearby hotel. Wendy Pedersen and Beatriz Osario talk about what happened.
Length: 15:40 minutes (14.36 MB)

City of perpetual displacement: 100 years since the destruction of the Kitsilano Reserve

| July 25, 2013

Vancouver's Grandview-Woodland urban development plan: Whose options are really on the table?

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In conjunction with what seems to be the year of the developer, the recently drafted Grandview-Woodland Community plan brings a new take on density to Vancouver's Broadway and Commercial neighbourhood.


The Historial Moment in Turkey: Understanding the Gezi Resistance

Tuesday, July 16, 2013 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm


Octopus Books
116 Third Avenue
Ottawa, ON
45° 24' 10.836" N, 75° 41' 18.582" W

What started on Monday, May 27, as a peaceful protest at the İstanbul’s Gezi Park to prevent the destruction of the public park for a gentrification project, has turned into a country-wide mass demonstration after brutal police attack. The resistance against the police violence and the increasingly authoritarian AKP government persists for more than a month now.

Join us to learn more about what is happening in Turkey, what caused the ongoing mass demonstrations, where this movement is going and to discuss how we act in solidarity with the struggle of the people of Turkey.

'Cuchillo' restaurant: Another knife in the heart of the Downtown Eastside | Part II

| July 5, 2013

'Cuchillo' Restaurant: Another knife in the heart of the Downtown Eastside | Part I

| July 4, 2013

Excess of luxury housing is suffocating Vancouver: An open letter to Donald Trump

Dear Mr. Trump,

It has come to my attention that you were in Vancouver this week to announce your new high-end hotel / condo tower in Coal Harbour, near where I work. My fellow citizens and I decided not to picket your event. Instead, I opt for polite correspondence, to respectfully inform you that we are sufficiently supplied with luxury condominiums at present and require no further units. We'll call if we're running low.

Plus, there is a lien on the place. Just ask the original inhabitants.



Residents call for creation of Social Justice Zone

June 13, 2013
| People in the Downtown Eastside have been working with the City of Vancouver to develop a local area plan since 2011. They want to protect residents from the gentrification of their neighbourhood.
Length: 15:56 minutes (14.59 MB)

Smash the State Report: June 7, 2013

June 13, 2013
| I Choose Dignity campaign kicks off in KW as struggles against gentrification proliferate across On + Qc. A few new tar sands absurdities, a plea to help bees, some slam poetry, and other newies!
Length: 59:51 minutes (54.8 MB)
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