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Social spaces in Vancouver: Changing the conversation

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It appears that since I've last touched on community spaces and their inherent importance, the snowball effect known as gentrification has intensified rendering much of the arts and culture in this city on their toes.

With Spartacus Books (now un-evicted!), VIVO Media Arts, COPE and Gen Why Media all facing the consequence of condo-friendly landlords seeing dollar signs and not the public good, the fight for community venues in Vancouver seems much more like class war.


| May 14, 2013
Image: Spartacus Books facebook page
| May 13, 2013
| April 26, 2013
| April 26, 2013
| April 23, 2013
| April 22, 2013
Photo credit: DM GILLIS
| April 18, 2013

On hunger strike against gentrification

April 14, 2013
| A key organizer of the picket against the Pidgin restaurant in Vancouver's downtown eastside launched a new action more than 3 weeks ago to back demands for adequate social housing in the area.
Length: 22:03 minutes (20.19 MB)
| April 9, 2013
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