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| April 26, 2010
| April 7, 2010
| April 2, 2010
| March 19, 2010
Stark Raven: Prison Justice

Dr. Sherene Razack on 'Reflections on Torture at Abu Ghraib'

March 15, 2010
| Six years after the photographs hit the press, OISE professor and author, Dr. Sherene Razack speaks on “We didn't kill 'em, we didn't cut their heads off": Reflections on Torture at Abu Ghraib.
Length: 42:55
| March 16, 2010
| March 15, 2010
| March 15, 2010

Free speech at risk in Apartheid Week debacle?

Palestine solidarity activists protest during Israeli Apartheid Week. (Photo: monad68)

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Free speech at risk in Apartheid Week debacle?

It's interesting to imagine what John Stuart Mill would have made of the Ontario Legislature.

The great 19th century political theorist, considered one of the seminal thinkers of Western civilization, is perhaps best known for his fierce defence of free speech as one of the foundations of liberty. Mill surely would have found it curious that elected members of the provincial legislature -- presumably people who value liberty and democracy -- unanimously voted last month to condemn "Israeli Apartheid Week," an annual student-run teach-in held on campuses in Canada and around the world, which takes a critical look at Israel's policies towards the Palestinians.

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