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The fight to save social housing in Toronto

The redevelopment of Regent Park. Photo: Sean_Marshall/Flickr
Under Rob Ford's administration, the Toronto Community Housing Corporation is being sold for parts.

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Vancouver city hall cancels hearing, vote in support of higher density rezoning in DTES

Vancouver City Council voted Thursday to postpone hearings on the controversial Historic Heights Report which would have recommended higher density zoning for the Downtown Eastside and Chinatown.

The hearing, scheduled for 2 pm Thursday afternoon, would have allowed Council to hear reactions from affected groups and residents of the communities concerned.

Councillor Andrea Reimer told reporters in front of Council Chambers that they were postponing hearings and a vote on DTES rezoning for higher density in order to conduct social and economic impact studies first. The portion of the report that makes recommendations for zoning in Chinatown will be brought before council at a later date, perhaps in February.


Housing First: The best bet to end homelessness

From 2002 to 2008, the counted number of homeless in Metro Vancouver increased 137 per cent, from 1,121 to 2,660. What is equally important, from 30 to 50 per cent (with some estimating as high as 70 per cent) of the homeless population in Vancouver have mental health concerns. An unfortunate result of de-institutionalization is that the burden of mental healthcare has fallen on the police and general hospitals. To solve homelessness, we can't just build homes. We must also successfully address the mental health concerns of the homeless.


| July 26, 2014
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| April 17, 2014
Photo: Erica Holt
| March 20, 2014
| September 20, 2013

Second restaurant picketed in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside

July 8, 2013
| Cuchillo is the latest upscale restaurant to open in Canada’s poorest neighbourhood. Local housing activists have set up a picket on the sidewalk outside and are asking patrons not to enter.
Length: 14:52 minutes (13.62 MB)
Democracy North

B.C. Election: Shane Simpson (MLA, Vancouver-Hastings)

May 8, 2013
| MLA, Shane Simpson, on social housing, mental health and addiction, the DTES and the upcoming B.C. election.
Length: 24:05 minutes (22.06 MB)

On hunger strike against gentrification

April 14, 2013
| A key organizer of the picket against the Pidgin restaurant in Vancouver's downtown eastside launched a new action more than 3 weeks ago to back demands for adequate social housing in the area.
Length: 22:03 minutes (20.19 MB)
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