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Don't believe the hype! RBC layoffs not about foreigners vs. Canadians

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Once again the temporary foreign worker program has erupted in controversy where it is being used to pit workers against each other. 

News reports point out that the Royal Bank of Canada has decided to move its information technology department abroad. To do so, it has brought in temporary workers from India that will learn the ropes from their Canadian counterparts. Following this training, the Canadian workers will be laid off, and the Indian workers will transition the IT department to India and return there. 


March 27, 2013 |
The announcement doesn't address the well-being of the more than 80,000 agriculture workers who are currently denied the same workplace rights, protections that most Ontario workers take for granted.

Civil liberties watchdog files formal complaint against CBSA's use of Reality TV

BCCLA Executive Director Josh Paterson.

Opposition to the Canada Border Services Agency's (CBSA) partnership with a Reality TV series, 'Border Security: Canada's Front Line,' continues to grow in the wake of last week's raids targeting migrant workers at construction sites in the Lower Mainland. 

The B.C. Civil Liberties Association issued the following statement at a press conference in Vancouver Thursday. 


March 18, 2013 |
Despite the labour board’s decision, the employer continues to disregard the labour rights of its employees, and the courts’ time, by demanding an appeal of the labour board’s denial.
Lori Theresa Waller

Labour news this week: Quebec court upholds farm workers' right to bargain, migrant workers detained in Vancouver, and more

| March 15, 2013
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Should Canadian border authorities be participating in a reality TV program?

This week, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officers in Vancouver carried out a number of raids targeting undocumented workers on construction work sites. On at least one of the raids CBSA officers were accompanied by a film crew for the reality TV show 'Border Security: Canada's Front Line'.


February 6, 2013 |
The Ontario government must not wait for another tragedy before it acts.
Lori Theresa Waller

Labour news this week: EI changes kick in, proposed new banking rules endorse status quo, fight continues for Ontario teachers

| January 11, 2013
December 19, 2012 |
"When the rights of migrants are denied, the rights of citizens are at risk." December 18 was identified 12 years ago by the United Nations.
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