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Vancouver group creates app to help refugees find services

November 18, 2015
| A new app developed by the Vancouver organization PeaceGeeks, in partnership with the UNHCR, helps refugees in Jordan find information about the services they need to survive.
Length: 09:51 minutes (9.02 MB)
Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall
| November 17, 2015
Beirut tourism poster by Julien Lacaze, 1925
| November 16, 2015
Photo: Flickr/Torsten Reimer
| October 17, 2015

Robert Fisk on Syria, ISIS and the end of the old Middle East

September 28, 2015
| Robert Fisk is a British journalist and author who writes extensively about Syria and ISIS. He has lived in the Middle East for 40 years and is renowned for his encyclopaedic knowledge of the region.
Length: 42:18 minutes (38.74 MB)

Syrian refugee crisis result of flawed regime change policy

September 20, 2015
| Twelve million people have been forced from their homes by the civil war in Syria. Hundreds of thousands have made the perilous trek to Europe. We speak with James Paul, author of Syria Unmasked.
Length: 17:01 minutes (15.58 MB)
Photo: screenshot
| September 18, 2015

Examining the Conservative government's record on immigration

September 14, 2015
| Never Home is a new multimedia project just launched by No One Is Illegal in Vancouver. It documents nine years of discriminatory immigration policy by Stephen Harper's government.
Length: 15:55 minutes (14.58 MB)
| September 9, 2015
Conservative Leaflet
| September 6, 2015
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