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| November 6, 2014
| October 31, 2014

The role of sanctuary as opposition to political power

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What is this -- the Middle Ages? A Toronto church has given sanctuary to a Hungarian Roma family who came here as refugees. They were rejected on a virtual technicality and the Harper government wants them deported. They've lived at the church for two years. Before that they spent a year with Catholic monks. It's not a cathedral, and Quasimodo didn't swoop out of the bell tower to scoop them up. It's on a leafy street. They don't want it named in case the feds decide to rush it or hatemeisters target it.

Permanent precarity: Canada's immigration model becomes neoliberal blueprint

Canada is often seen has a haven for immigration, especially by our U.S. neighbours. But the 'managed migration' model spells a different story.

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No safe haven: Canada's 'managed migration'

Photo: flickr/2010 Legal Observers

Jose Figueroa, who is courageously defying an immigration warrant to detain him, is a symbol of the arbitrary and exclusionary nature of Canadian immigration and refugee laws.

Jose has been in Canada since 1997 and was approved in principle for permanent residency. Years later, he received a deportation order for his prior membership in a group Canada claims is an organization that engages in acts of "espionage" and "terrorism." 

That organization is the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN), which fought against U.S.-sponsored dictatorships in the 1980s and is the current elected government of El Salvador. 


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| September 23, 2014
| September 15, 2014

A perspective: Understanding the roots of the conflict in Ukraine

August 1, 2014
| Roger Annis has just returned from an anti-war conference in Yalta, Crimea. He outlines the political changes in Kiev that led to the war now raging in Eastern Ukraine.
Length: 17:14 minutes (15.78 MB)
| June 21, 2014
| June 13, 2014
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