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To strengthen provincial health-care services, we need to stop federal cuts

| March 12, 2014

Fair Elections Act = voter suppression, says Ed Broadbent

| March 11, 2014

Dear Mr. Harper, we need to talk about violence against Indigenous women

| March 11, 2014

Video: How a supposed cyberbullying law helps the government track you online

Thousands of Canadians are speaking out against Peter MacKay's new online spying legislation. Bill C-13 would give a range of authorities access to your private information without a warrant. Join the campaign to stop government spying and to keep your online activities private -- join Canada's largest-ever pro-privacy coalition today at http://OurPrivacy.ca

Directed by Jeremy Brown of www.rattlesnakefilms.ca


What's really at stake in Ukraine

Photo: Sharon Drummond/flickr

It's difficult to know which is the more disturbing aspect of the crisis in the Ukraine -- the deliberate obfuscation of the truth by Western leaders like Stephen Harper (and their complicit media) or the truth itself: the casual acceptance by the West of an illegal, coup-installed regime in Kiev populated by neo-Nazis and anti-Semites. But you don't have to choose between them -- you should be very concerned about both. Democracy is impossible without an informed citizenry and given the effective collusion between the Harper government, the Canadian media and the geo-political interests of NATO we seem doomed to remain uniformed.

Harper's strategy shift in the Middle East

| March 7, 2014

When a government protects workers by criminalizing them

Photo: Justin Scott Campbell/flickr

Imagine for a moment, if the debate over prostitution laws was aimed at other types of workers...

In a bold move aimed at protecting workers from exploitation while on the job, the government today passed a new law that criminalizes most employers and customers. The law addresses the void left by the Supreme Court of Canada in December 2013, when it struck down laws that it said prevented workers from taking safety measures to protect themselves from abusive customers, but which the government said were designed to prevent people from working, period.

Karl Nerenberg

Harper's elections act will deprive thousands of the right to vote -- Chief Electoral Officer

| March 7, 2014

Quebec election has potential dangers for Canada's political parties

Photo: flickr/vasta
As a possible separation referendum looms in Quebec, federal politicians will be carefully positioning themselves. The biggest challenge is for the NDP's Mulcair.

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Risky business: Harper government set to announce decision on Line 9 proposal

Photo: Enbridge Pipeline from Kalamazoo Spill by NTSB

Update: The National Energy Board has approved the Line 9 project.

Update: The Harper government (Federal Ministry of Finance) is currently robocalling Canadians to participate in a phone town hall on the budget today, currently verified happening in London Ontario. Not coincidentally, this will happen at the same time as the NEB proposal is announced. Activists suspected the federal government would run some kind distraction from the announcement, and this appears to be it. 


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