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What would you undo from Harper's disastrous re-making of Canada?

It seems there is a jangling disconnect between what Canadians say they believe in and the values Stephen Harper has enshrined in Canada's laws and practices since his party won majority.

What would you undo from Harper's disastrous re-making of Canada?


| September 12, 2014

What's Harper trying to prove by going to war?

What is Harper trying to prove by putting Canadian boots on the ground in Iraq? Does he know he can help out internationally without going to war?

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Harper's planned military splurge comes at the expense of health care

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With Ottawa's deficit about to turn into a surplus, we'll soon be able to loosen our belts a bit and fulfill our pent-up dream of splurging on new tanks and fighter planes.

Some Canadians have other priorities, of course -- investing in public health care usually tops the list in polls -- but Stephen Harper's government has already ruled that out.

Here's what Harper is actually planning to do: boost military funding and deeply cut spending on health care. None of this is secret -- although you wouldn't necessarily pick it up from the media.

Harper goes to war! What's he trying to prove?

Harpo just put Canadian boots on the ground in Iraq. What's he trying to prove?

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| September 10, 2014
| September 9, 2014

Can the NDP challenge Harper on the economy?

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The NDP's announcement that it will push for a national minimum wage if elected is good news and suggests that the party may finally be overcoming its decades-long aversion to engaging its Liberal and Conservative adversaries on the question of the economy. It's too early to tell if they will follow up with other policy commitments and weather the expected attacks. The social bottom-feeders at the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, ever eager to promote policies that harm their members' interests, have already attacked.

Tim Hortons-Burger King deal only helps corporations

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The truth is that the Burger King-Tim Hortons deal is just a paper transaction that, apart from enriching stockholders, will likely provide zero benefit for Canada, in job creation or revenue.

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