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Dr. Melanie Beres
| July 2, 2014

Roma family fights against deportation to Hungary

Photo: flickr/Morgan

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After enduring anti-Roma discrimination and violence in Hungary, a Roma family has fled the country with hopes to settle in Canada. The family is asking the Canadian government to respond to their immigration application for stay on humanitarian grounds before their deportation date on Thursday July 3. 


Photo: flickr/sarah-ji
| July 2, 2014

Got a minute? We need to talk about the state of Canada's democracy

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It's Canada Day, and we ask Canadians to reflect on the state of our democracy.

Canadians have experienced our democratic processes going awry -- from the 2011 robocall scandal to the increasing intrusion on our privacy through warrantless data collection, to the actions of the PMO in the Senate expenses scandal. Perhaps the most illustrative, however, is the process we recently went through with the Fair Elections Act (FEA).


Photo: flickr/Rod Raglin
| June 30, 2014
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What do you think about the CBC cuts?

The CBC announced cuts on Thursday and a shift in its priorities from television and radio to digital and mobile services, which will affect supper-hour news broadcasts and programs produced in-house, and will reduce up to 1,500 staff by 2020.

What do you think about the CBC cuts?


Pipelines: The answer is still no!

The Answer Is Still No: Voices of Pipeline Resistance

by Edited by Paul Bowles and Henry Veltmeyer
(Fernwood Publishing,

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Canadians imprisoned abroad: There are more of them than you think

photo: flickr/Daveynin

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There's something about a Canadian passport that offers its owner a degree of confidence. After all, in the hierarchy of citizenships, Canada ranks near the top. A Canadian passport can get you into 170 countries without a visa.

But it can't get you out of jail; even if it's clear that you've been wrongfully accused.



Backing Israel trumps defending Canadian democratic rights in Harperland

Photo: flickr/Αντώνης Σαμαράς Πρωθ

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In April, a brutal Egyptian judge known locally as "the Butcher" handed down a mass death sentence to 683 men. To most civilized observers, this kind of action is associated with the world's most tyrannical regimes.

But to the Harper government, this is the behaviour of a country "progressing towards democracy."

Paul Hellyer
| June 25, 2014
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