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Trish Hennessy is former journalist who traded in the neutrality of news reporting for her real passion: Promoting social justice in Canada. She has advised some of Canada's leading progressive economists, researchers, activists and politicians. As director of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives' income inequality project, Trish specializes in the growing gap between the rich and the rest of us (learn more at Trish has a B.A. in Sociology from Queen's University, a B.S.W. from Carleton University, and a Master's degree in Sociology from OISE/University of Toronto. She lives in Toronto but her roots are in Saskatchewan's farmland, where she grew up.

Grey power and changes to the public pension system

Photo: Tania Liu/Flickr
The numbers and politics behind Harper's proposed changes to Old Age Security.

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New series: The politics of fear -- An election post-mortem

The power behind the dominant frame at play in Canada's 2011 federal election: our economy in peril. Part one of a four-part series. Photo: Sashamd/Flickr
Part one of a four-part series: The reality of our imperilled economy.

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