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| November 26, 2013
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| November 14, 2013

Theatre of the Fiscally Absurd: Auditions now open to run government finances

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Have you ever considered a career on stage? Do you like to manipulate peoples' emotions to make them fear catastrophe and then worship you when you save the day? Perhaps you should consider a career running the country's finances. 

As an aspiring actor, you no doubt admire the pomp and circumstance of the throne speech. But the political theatrics go far beyond that. These days the politics of the federal budget book are worthy of a Broadway spectacle.

Federal fiscal theatre has it all. There is anxiety-provoking drama, a valiant superhero and a (not so surprising) happy ending. This week's throne speech is just one more glamorous soliloquy to remind us who to credit when the hero triumphs just in time to enhance the Conservatives' fortunes in the next election.


The crisis of extreme capitalism

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Our current incarnation of capitalism -- variously referred to as savage capitalism, extreme capitalism or euphemistically as the "free market" (free of any constraints) -- is in one of its periodic crises. For years many assumed that the smart people who ran the system and benefitted from it would find a practical way to fix it. The problem is that the solutions are all framed within an ideology that makes that extremely unlikely. Neo-liberalism is like a religion and once you are a true believer you see other solutions as heresy.


The growing support for higher taxes

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For years, most pundits have concluded that any politician proposing higher taxes must be either brave or suicidal. These days, however, a growing number of leaders, across the spectrum, are willing to do precisely that. And instead of self-destruction, they may just be showing canny foresight.

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The Great Revenue Robbery: The story of the tax cut scam with Dennis Howlett

April 18, 2013
| An interview with Dennis Howlett of Canadians for Tax Fairness and contributor to "The Great Revenue Robbery: How to Stop the Tax Cut Scam and Save Canada," edited by Richard Swift.
Length: 21:04 minutes (29 MB)
March 29, 2013 |
The New Brunswick government is the latest provincial government to reverse the corporate tax cuts that the federal Conservative government had pressed provinces to make.
| March 25, 2013

Toronto's guerrilla campaign to restore the public realm through transit

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It's hard not to watch Cyprus the way you watch one of those plucky little countries that appear in the World Cup and people root for. This week they rejected the European hierarchy's latest attack on its citizens. The plan involved swiping a portion of all savings accounts there in return for another bailout that won't work. It was so blatantly unfair to ordinary folks who, as usual, weren't to blame for the mess, that even Cypriot legislators voted it down.

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| February 11, 2013
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