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International Migrants Day

December 18 is also know as a day of global action against racism

On December 18, 2000 the United Nations celebrated the first International Migrants Day (also known as the Global Day of Action Against Racism and for the Rights of Migrants, Refugees and Displaced People). The date was chosen to commemorate the UN's international convention in 1990 which protects the rights of migrants and their families. The day raises awareness about the human and labour rights of migrant workers.



No One Is Illegal

Struggles for freedom from Montreal to Los Angeles

October 14, 2011
| No One Is Illegal Radio lends a focus to local struggles against deportations, on movements against police killings, and organizing for rights for temporary workers and workers in temp agencies.
Length: 56:55
Migrant Matters

Queer discussions on im/migration and criminalization

October 10, 2011
| The intersections of local queer organizing, anti-colonial and no-borders analyses. The recent victories and struggles of organizing in these realms.
Length: 54:38
September 7, 2011 |
What action is required urgently by social service agencies and policymakers to meet the needs of newcomer women?

Ai-Jen Poo and Lee Maracle at The May Day Assembly on Immigrant Rights

On April 4, No One Is Illegal - Toronto and community and labour allies organized "Up Against the Temp Shop: The May Day Assembly on Immigrant Rights" featuring Ai-Jen Poo, Lee Maracle, David McNally and Farrah Miranda. For more information about the event and speakers visit toronto.nooneisillegal.org.

Migrant Matters

Mayday panel: Speaking from the forefront of the struggle for (im)migrant justice and workers' rights (2 of 2)

May 1, 2011
| The abuses inherent in (forced) migration with a spotlight on Canada's Live-in Caregiver Program. The importance of working in solidarity with racialized working-class (im)migrant communities here.
Length: 49:35
Migrant Matters

Mayday panel: Speaking from the forefront of the struggle for (im)migrant justice and workers' rights (1 of 2)

April 30, 2011
| The experiences of racialized working-class (im)migrants here. The abuses inherent in (forced) migration to Canada. The importance of these communities defending themselves.
Length: 1:00:36
Krystalline Kraus

Activist Communique: Green Bloc at Toronto's May Day march

| April 26, 2011
Migrant Matters

New film adds perspective on the lives of people working Canada's 'temporary' agricultural jobs

April 23, 2011
| Does Canada really foster a nurturing society where everyone is equal? Hear the perspective of people working here without full rights.
Length: 40:11
Migrant Matters

Jose Figueroa and the human cost of Canada's refugee laws

April 13, 2011
| Why has the Canadian government recently chosen to change their mind and label the FMLN as a terrorist group? What does Jose's deportation order mean for the Figueroa family? For Canadians?
Length: 56:07
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