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| November 5, 2012
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#CityTalk: Montrealers of yesterday, today and tomorrow

October 27, 2012
| #CityTalk hears from the director of Ecomusée du fier monde, Montreal's museum of working class history.
Length: 17:37 minutes (24.46 MB)
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#CityDoc: Operation Park Avenue

October 26, 2012
| #CityDoc hears from organizers and participants of a citizen-led urban design workshop re-imagining the northern sector of Park Avenue in Montreal.
Length: 14:28 minutes (20.13 MB)
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#CityTalk: Hotel Jolicoeur

October 20, 2012
| #CityTalk hears from two members of the Montreal artists' collective, Hotel Jolicoeur, about their book on the former brothel turned condos.
Length: 17:30 minutes (24.26 MB)
"I am not a crook!"
| October 16, 2012
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#CityTalk: Couchsurfing Montreal

September 30, 2012
| This week's #CityTalk looks into Montreal's ranking as the fourth top Couchsurfing city in the world. Montreal trails Paris, London and Berlin as the city with the largest network of couchsurfers.
Length: 18:53 minutes (8.65 MB)
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#CityDoc: Montreal's Fattal Lofts, life on the edge in St-Henri

September 21, 2012
| #CityDoc hears from musician and activist Rob Osler about the precarious living situation for tenants at the Fattal Lofts in St-Henri, Montreal.
Length: 10:28 minutes (14.6 MB)
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#CityTalk: Co-op sur Genereux

September 16, 2012
| This week's #CityTalk goes to the heart of Montreal's Plateau district to hear from Jamie Klinger, a member of Co-op sur Genereux.
Length: 12:04 minutes (16.79 MB)
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#CityTalk: Iconic landmarks at risk in Park Ex

September 8, 2012
| #CityTalk hears about iconic landmarks in Montreal's Park Ex at risk of being demolished by the city.
Length: 20:04 minutes (9.19 MB)
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#CityTalk: Architectours

August 31, 2012
| This week's #CityTalk goes to Montreal's Cote-des-Neiges neighbourhood with Heritage Montreal Policy Director Dinu Bumbaru for one of this year's Architectours.
Length: 26:17 minutes (36.3 MB)
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