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#CityTalk: Architectours

August 31, 2012
| This week's #CityTalk goes to Montreal's Cote-des-Neiges neighbourhood with Heritage Montreal Policy Director Dinu Bumbaru for one of this year's Architectours.
Length: 26:17 minutes (36.3 MB)
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#CityTalk: The 100-mile market

August 24, 2012
| #CityTalk hears from Amy Barrington, the organizer of a weekly public mini-market downtown Montreal. Marche Locale offers local organic produce grown within a 100-mile radius.
Length: 18:19 minutes (25.34 MB)
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#CityTalk: Quartier 21

August 17, 2012
| #CityTalk hears from Eco-Quartier Peter McGill about their downtown Montreal alleyway greening project. Trash and debris will be replaced by 'grasscrete.'
Length: 15:22 minutes (21.29 MB)
| August 17, 2012
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#CityTalk: The RuePublique of Montreal

August 4, 2012
| #CityTalk on Montrealers who want to see their city become a 'ruepublic' and liberate streets from the automobile.
Length: 14:49 minutes (20.52 MB)
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#CityDoc: Gentrification, a Montreal primer

August 2, 2012
| Two leaders in Montreal's St-Henri neighbourhood talk about the demographic change happening in this former industrial district.
Length: 12:59 minutes (17.86 MB)
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#CityTalk: Montreal's war on graffiti

July 20, 2012
| This week's #CityTalk takes a look at Montreal's graffiti art scene, finding out how the city is embracing street art on one hand, then taking stern measures against graffiti artists.
Length: 24:00
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#CityTalk: Montreal's street food movement

July 13, 2012
| This week’s #CityTalk looks at calls for more diverse street food vendors in Montreal.
Length: 27:33
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#CityTalk: Urban farmers + Rooftop gardens = Food security in Montreal

July 6, 2012
| This week's #CityTalk segment focuses on urban farming, rooftop gardens and food security in Montreal with Tim Murphy from Santropol Roulant.
Length: 23:55
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#CityTalk: Cultivating Montreal

June 29, 2012
| This week's #CityTalk segment hears from the GTAU-Groupe Travail Agriculture Urbaine about urban agriculture in Montreal.
Length: 17:23
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