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Video: Casseroles -- Montreal May 24

For more than 100 days, Quebec students have been protesting a rise in tuition fees. With the imposition of Loi 78, limiting the rights to protest, Quebecers en masse have been joining them in the streets -- with pots and pans. 

Every evening at 8:00 p.m. people meet in the street with their pots and pans and make all the noise they can in protest. Music thanks to the band Avec pas d'casque and their record label Grosse Boîte

INTUITION #1 -- Avec pas d'casque
© Grosse Boîte

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A conversation with the Conversationalist

May 25, 2012
| A conversation with globe-trotting conversationalist, Daniel Baylis, about his year-long travel experience.
Length: 22:10
| May 24, 2012

Hundreds of thousands take to the streets of Montreal for 100 days of protest

On the 100th day of the protest in the Quebec students' strike, hundreds of thousands took to the streets in Montreal, with solidarity rallies happening in cities across Canada, in the US and Europe. Here is a small taste of scene on the streets in Montreal today, from a rabble contributor. For ongoing live coverage of the student strike situation, watch CUTV (Concordia University Television) livestream here.

| May 19, 2012
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Jane's Walks: Retracing Stop Spadina to the Turcot interchange

May 11, 2012
| Celebrating the legacy of Jane Jacobs at the Jane's Walks in Toronto and Montreal.
Length: 24:55

Transit plans for southwest Montreal hotly debated

Photo: Mobilisation Turcot.

A proposed redesign of Lionel-Groulx metro station will create space for an additional 200 buses per day expected by city transit planners to pass through Southwest Montreal from the soon-to-be-revamped Turcot interchange and Ville-Marie expressway.


| May 4, 2012

Watch live: Montreal May Day coverage en direct from CUTV

Tune in live to CUTV (Concordia University TV) in Montreal as they report on May Day actions, and the ongoing struggle for the future of education in Quebec. NOTE: If the channel below is not streaming, watch the livestream at:

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Vanishing Montreal

April 27, 2012
| A southwest Montreal blogger's website called Vanishing Montreal is documenting a recent string of building demolitions, posting photographs of what he calls "the changing face of St-Henri."
Length: 19:53
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