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Image: Wikimedia Commons/Foerster
| October 19, 2016
| May 3, 2016
A Yellow-bellied sapsucker. Source: Fyn Kynd Photography, via Flickr.
| April 22, 2016
| July 20, 2015
"Zapatos Rojos" (Red Shoes) by Elina Chauvet. Each shoe represents one woman mur
| June 20, 2015
Image: Flickr/truthout
| January 13, 2015
Olympic Village, Vancouver
| February 7, 2014
The reply from NWT Premier McLeod
| July 24, 2013
The F Word

Rethinking menstruation

November 11, 2012
| Carissa Ropponen and Ariana Barer discuss menstruation, deconstructing some of the patriarchal beliefs about women’s cycles, and celebrating our flows.
Length: 36:51 minutes (33.75 MB)

Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA)

FIPA is an acronym that stands for Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement. Canada currently has 24 FIPAs with different partner countries, although this acronym is frequently used in the media to refer specifically to the Canada-China investment treaty.  Distinct from Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), FIPAs are bilateral agreements made by the Government of Canada to encourage foreign investment through a framework of legally-binding obligations and rights.


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