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Mar 5, 2009

Obama's coalition of the unwilling

Public support for the war in Afghanistan in many NATO countries is eroding. Yet in the U.S., there is scant debate about sending more troops, and about the spillover of the war into Pakistan.
Feb 26, 2009

Jailing kids for cash

As many as 5,000 children in Pennsylvania have been found guilty, and up to 2,000 of them jailed, by two corrupt judges who received kickbacks from private prison facilities.
Feb 19, 2009

Obama's Afghan trap

The Joint Chiefs of Staff recommend a shift in strategy from democracy-building in Afghanistan to attacking alleged Taliban and al-Qaida strongholds along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.
Jan 21, 2009

A long train ride

It started with a train ride. Barack Obama rode to Washington, D.C., for his presidential inauguration on a whistle-stop tour.
Dec 11, 2008

A tale of two Nobel nations

While the Nobels recognize lifetime achievements, and Sweden is a paragon among progressive, social democracies, there is another side to Sweden and the Nobels that warrants a closer look.
Nov 26, 2008

A view from the south

Evo Morales knows about "change you can believe in." He also knows what happens when a powerful elite is forced to make changes it doesn't want.
Nov 7, 2008

Organizer in Chief

You could almost hear the world's collective sigh of relief. This year's U.S. presidential election was a global event in every sense.
Oct 30, 2008

Election protection

Election Day approaches, and with it a test of our election system's integrity. Who will be allowed to vote; who will be barred?
Sep 5, 2003

U.S. webmaster imprisoned for political site

Amy Goodman
The 20-year-old webmaster of a California-based site called <a href="" target="_blank"></a> is to begin a year-long prison term today. He was charged with &#14


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