Jerry West

Apr 20, 2005

When your god is the marketplace

The April 18 edition of the <i>New York Times</i> contained an editorial by Bob Herbert titled &#147;A Radical in the White House.&#148; Contrary to what one's first impression might be, the piece i
Apr 8, 2005

Short term interests trump long term need

Jerry West
One would think that any rational person or society faced with the threats that we now face from our destructive practices would be keen to make changes and secure the future. But look at the orchest
Mar 23, 2005

Destroying Canadian sovereignty

Canadians need to ask themselves seriously how they would like becoming second-class Americans. Right now, the business leaders of the country are working on projects that will do just that to all o
Feb 25, 2005

Campbell and fan club on the election trail

So much good news is coming out of the B.C. government in Victoria these days one can barely comprehend it all. The election season has started and Gordon Campbell's Liberals are throwing the taxpay
Dec 21, 2004

Celebrating the return of the sun

Jerry West
One often hears the phrase, &#147;put Christ back into Christmas&#148; as if Christmas is a creation of the Christian faith. Perhaps the name is, but the holiday goes back much farther than Christian
Nov 11, 2004

Don't let propaganda distort the sacrifice

This week we once again observe Remembrance Day to honour those who have sacrificed for the country. We get fed a lot of propaganda about fighting wars to make the world safe for democracy and to pro
Oct 11, 2004

A failing system hooked on drugs

I know that I would rather be writing comedy than editorials on the sorry state of the world today, but it is hard to be funny when there is so much needless trouble with things just getting worse.
Sep 26, 2004

Following the pied piper of the media giants

Our world is defined by its rhetoric. What we hear and read often defines what we believe or disbelieve, particularly if the same message permeates the media that we are most exposed to. And those
Jun 6, 2004

Staying out of the mess in Iraq

At the end of World War II we had a chance to make a different world. Instead, we let it decline into the sorry state that we see now as the sacrifices made by so many in that war are debased and fr
Mar 31, 2004

None of your business

If I hadn't known from the beginning what kind of mess British Columbia was letting itself in for when the voters turned the keys over to this Liberal government, I would be amazed and feel betrayed
Nov 20, 2003

Arrogant and contemptuous in B.C.

The good news is that Gold River is a nice place to live. It might be nicer if there were more jobs to be had, but it is pretty nice nevertheless. Clean air, plenty of good water and not much crime
Nov 11, 2003

Failing memories

It seems like only last week we were holding a Remembrance Day service and gathering at the Legion to honour those before us who gave their lives in the service of our country. It is too bad that oft
Sep 26, 2003

What causes terrorism?

You have to hand it to the PM. The closer he gets to retirement the more he looks like a statesman. Last week he addressed an international anti-terrorism conference in New York and told them that
Aug 29, 2003

Are we headed for another Permian disaster?

The good news is that my 11-year-old grandson spent mostof the summer with me. The bad news is that I worry for his future. Not because of him in particular, but because of the mess that we have ma
May 26, 2003

Back to Afghanistan?

Canadian leadership of the stability force in Afghanistan might mend a few fences and regain points with George Bush after standing up to him on Iraq, but does this move serve the best interests of C
May 12, 2003

Canada and the U.S. Military &#147;Team&#148;

Canadian soldiers feel that they have let &#147;the team&#148; down by not participating in the war on Iraq. This is a dangerous sentiment. It transfers loyalty to a team that serves the interests of
Oct 10, 2002

Bad, Badder, Baddest

It might be a stretch, but aren&#146;t those who sell arms to non-democratic states, train the soldiers and police of tyrants, send advisors to teach techniques of torture and who take far more than
Oct 3, 2002

Beware False Premises

There are name for those who urge war and talkpatriotism, but avoid responsibility, hidingout under one excuse or another when they have theopportunity to be patriots and serve. It is into thehands
Sep 11, 2002

September 11, 1973

Today <i>is</i> a day to remember but not just for the attacks of 2001. September 11, 1973, is also worth recalling. It was on that day that Chileanfascists, with the help of the U.S. government, ov
Sep 3, 2002

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Against almost universal international disapproval, the United States now seeks to carry out a major act of aggression against a country that poses no threat to American territory except for that fou
Jul 11, 2002

Poor Precedent

C'mon Georgie, Play fair. The good news is the International Criminal Court is up and running, the bad news is the United States has, under President George W. Bush, turned its back on international
Jul 4, 2002

Eye for a Bloody Eye

Getting Colder. While the great adventure in Afghanistan rages on, American, Canadian and Afghani civilians continue to die. And it is obvious by now, that the war against terror, will not be won by
May 1, 2002

May Day Roots Grow Deeper

Jerry West
As we celebrate May Day - the international working class holiday commemorating the Haymarket Riot victims - the blood red flag that became the symbol of the worker's struggles for rights, needs to b
Apr 3, 2002

B.C. Sell Out

While quietly authorizing the shipment of thousands of truck loads of raw logs to U.S. mills, B.C. Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell continues talking tough from one of his faces, while laying the grou


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