Linda McQuaig

Mar 24, 2009

Getting a grip on greed

The impulse to resist unbridled capitalism -- with its resulting extreme inequality and economic domination by the rich -- is basic and has persisted throughout the centuries.
Feb 24, 2009

President needs to stiffen spine

The real question is whether Obama can deliver. He can't satisfy the masses who love him and also satisfy the people responsible for the disastrous agenda of the last 25 years.
Jan 27, 2009

Financial elite have no shame

It is odd that the financial community has emerged so unscathed, despite its central role in the collapse that has brought havoc to the world economy.
Dec 2, 2008

Majority is heard at last

When Barack Obama was elected president on that electrifying night early last month, it became clear - if it wasn't already - why Stephen Harper had rushed Canadians to the polls a few weeks earlier.
Nov 18, 2008

Bush's willing accomplice

Isolated, repudiated by his people and even shunned by his own party, George W. Bush still seems able to count on the support of at least one world leader: Stephen Harper.
Nov 4, 2008

'Common good' rediscovered

The pivotal moment for me in the U.S. presidential campaign came during the Republican convention last August, when Rudolph Giuliani couldn't get the words "community organizer" out of his mouth with
Oct 7, 2008

Bulking up Pentagon North

With the prospect of a Harper majority hanging menacingly over the country, the mind inevitably turns to the question: Just what is the "secret agenda" lurking behind the friendly sweater?
Aug 13, 2008

Disarmed to nuclear danger

It's striking that the goal of eliminating nuclear weapons — arguably the most pressing issue humankind faces — has slipped so far off the political agenda it rarely merits a mention.
Jul 2, 2008

Averting our gaze from U.S. cruelty

Does the president of the United States have the right to order a detainee buried alive? Oddly, this grotesque question was posed at a U.S. Congressional hearing last week.
Jun 3, 2008

Go ahead and reopen NAFTA

Yes, let's punish the official who leaked the Canadian memo that created heat for Barack Obama, future president of the United States. But let's not waste much time examining the mouth of this partic
May 20, 2008

A loss of balance on Israel

Canada has a long history of supporting Israel. But the nature of that support, particularly under the Harper government, is almost unrecognizable from its earlier form.


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