Linda McQuaig

Dec 18, 2006

How will the U.S. control Iraq's oil?

Advising the Bush administration on how to deal with the Iraq fiasco, the report of the bipartisan Iraq Study Group urges the president to clarify that Washington does not seek to control Iraq's oil.
Oct 9, 2006

Using religion to spread hate is repugnant

A black man and a white woman stand before a justice of the peace, eager to exchange their wedding vows. But as they look lovingly into each other's eyes, the justice of the peace refuses to proceed
Oct 2, 2006

Allow the debt burden to shrink over time

One of the perks of being prime minister is getting to use your power to settle old scores and crush opponents. This sort of vindictive motivation appears to lie behind the announcement by Stephen H
Sep 25, 2006

Why does Ottawa not demand answers?

“Do you believe that torturing terror suspects is a more effective national security strategy than, say, securing our ports and borders?” It's horrifying enough to realize that the subject
Sep 11, 2006

Angry young men against the West

In the days after 9/11, Iranian president Mohammad Khatami condemned the terrorist attack and reached out to the West to fight terrorism together. Too bad we ignored him. We'd be safer today if we ha
Aug 14, 2006

History is a key element in occupation

It may not seem like much now, but back in the 1770s, the Six Nations native band was a big help to British forces fighting in the American Revolution. That's why, in 1784, the British Crown expresse
Jul 24, 2006

PM did not do enough to protect Canadians

I would have thought that the first duty of a Canadian prime minister is the safety of Canadians.So, faced with a choice of expressing support for Israel or doing everything he possibly could to prot
Jul 16, 2006

Attack on Lebanon — or Iran?

As Israeli firepower rained down on Lebanon last week, pundits here in the West wasted no time pinning the blame on — Iran. “Iran and its radical allies are pushing toward war,” wrote
Jul 10, 2006

What are they really up to?

If ever there was a guy who looked more like a “Stephen” than a “Steve,” it would be our current Prime Minister. But when you're the most powerful guy in the world, it's your call
Jun 19, 2006

Our protection lies in learning the truth

With all eyes glued on the UN Security Council in February 2003, then U.S. secretary of state Colin Powell laid out Washington's case for invading Iraq — based on top-secret intelligence purport
Jun 12, 2006

All security, all the time. No other news

This was not at all what CNN had in mind. Washington had just dropped two massive bombs on a house in Iraq, killing renowned terrorist leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and CNN was interviewing Michael B
Jun 5, 2006

CUPE drawing attention to Israeli injustice

A CBC TV news report on the recent Israeli election vividly captured the “agony” Israelis were going through as they pondered the key election issue: Israel's plans to unilaterally withdraw
May 29, 2006

The PM is copying Bush's media tactics

Despite being the longest-serving member of the White House press corps, Helen Thomas almost never gets to ask George Bush a question. That's because Bush controls who asks the questions and he does
May 15, 2006

Can't we spare 600 troops for Darfur?

Leaving aside politics, it's hard to imagine why Canada is sending troops to Afghanistan and not to Darfur. It's not clear what good we're doing in Afghanistan, where we're aggressively going after &
Apr 17, 2006

Dismantling the gun registry: How curious

There's a curious inconsistency in the credo of those — including Stephen Harper — who want to crack down on crime. While they're keen to increase jail times — a keenness likely to inc


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