Linda McQuaig

Apr 18, 2005

Snap election won't fix a corrupt system

A horse's head has yet to be found in anyone's bed, but in some ways the Liberal party has been doing a surprisingly good impersonation of the mob. So the desire for an immediate election is understa
Apr 11, 2005

Media became cheerleading comforters

I've never been to journalism school, but I can imagine what must go on there. Judging from the coverage of the Pope's death, I assume that aspiring media types are taught that one of the key functio
Apr 4, 2005

A U.S. 'smear campaign' against the UN

Those on the right in the U.S. have long disliked the UN, which stands for co-operation among nations and restricting the use of unilateral power. This clashes with the right's desire for a more musc
Mar 21, 2005

A lawless mentality seeps into Canada

The more horrific the crime, the more justice seems to call out for punishment. Punishing the right people and following the niceties of the rule of law often seem to get lost in the rush to “ha
Mar 7, 2005

Despite errors PM is in step with Canadians

George W. Bush is frequently praised for being a man of resolve. Even though his plan for Iraq proved a disaster, based on a lie, at least he stuck to it. I see little merit in this school of thought
Feb 21, 2005

Martin's debt reduction: of no consequence

When it comes to meeting our Kyoto targets, Paul Martin's resolve has all the firmness of ice cream left too long in the sun. Yet Martin's resolve couldn't be firmer when it comes to meeting his gove
Feb 14, 2005

Kyoto: opposed mainly by huge corporations

By now, most people acknowledge the dangers of global warming and the need for the sort of collective action set out in the Kyoto accords. But some powerful corporations still hope to head off any su
Jan 31, 2005

Yesterday's election was about oil

In the weeks before the U.S. invasion of Iraq, the influential <i>New York Times</i> columnist Thomas Friedman wrote that the invasion would lead to &#147;a long-term U.S. occupation&#148; and that &
Jan 10, 2005

The need to relate to other humans

About the same time the tsunami was hitting the shores of southeast Asia, North Americans were hitting the stores in the usual Boxing Day shopping frenzy. In other words, North Americans were behavin
Jan 3, 2005

The poor haven't changed &#151; we have

In recent years, the word &#147;underprivileged&#148; has fallen out of use. Too bad; the word was helpful. It captured the fact that what separated the poor from the rest of society was mostly just
Dec 30, 2004

History will show U.S. lusted after oil

While ordinary people around the world apparently suspect that the invasion of Iraq was motivated by oil, not terrorism, there continues to be a strange unwillingness in the mainstream media to probe
Dec 20, 2004

The meek take on the mighty

For those who enjoy a good David-and-Goliath confrontation, it doesn't get much better than this. In one corner, we have the White House and Exxon; in the other, some of the most powerless people on
Dec 13, 2004

Rich walk ever taller in Canada

Unless you're a rich investor, hold onto your wallet. Whenever the business-funded C. D. Howe Institute starts poking around in the tax system, it finds lots of things to change &#151; mostly for the
Dec 6, 2004

Canada missteps at U.N.

Canada quietly reversed a longstanding policy last week when it joined the U.S. and only a few other countries in voting against a couple of U.N. resolutions supporting Palestinian rights. Pressure o
Nov 29, 2004

Canada should be at the peace table

When Paul Martin talks about being &#147;at the table,&#148; there's no question which table he means: the one where Canada signs on to the U.S. anti-missile scheme, as Washington has been heavily pr
Nov 22, 2004

In Europe: higher taxes, better child care

Last week, <i>The Globe and Mail</i> columnist Margaret Wente dismissed the idea that a national child care program could offer any benefits for children: &#147;Half a zillion studies show that who m
Nov 15, 2004

We have something U.S. needs

As Ottawa prepares to receive George W. Bush in the next few months, expect lots of lectures about how vital Canada-U.S. trade is. This is designed to convince us of the need to walk on eggshells whe
Nov 8, 2004

Are we going to be helpmate to a bully?

To most Canadians, the prospect of four more years of George W. Bush is anticipated in much the same way that one looks forward to a kick in the teeth or perhaps colonoscopy. To a small group of Cana
Oct 25, 2004

Candidates silent on U.S. invasions

There was plenty of outrage south of the border last week over the news that the British newspaper, <i>The Guardian</i>, had organized a letter-writing campaign to influence undecided American voters
Oct 18, 2004

The surplus god replaces the deficit god

For years, the prime minister had a ready excuse whenever a voice would rise up from the citizenry and plaintively cry: &#147;Please, sir, I want some more.&#148; No need was so pressing that it coul


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