Dalton Camp

Dec 12, 2001

Rumsfeld Isn't Telling the Whole Story

Listening to Rumsfeld's defence of barbarism, it struck me that we may find ourselves living in a world measurably drained of humanity. When this war is done, it will be difficult to imagine how our
Dec 9, 2001

Polls Make it Very Clear Bush Can Do No Wrong

One does not need to be too sensitive, or offended, at hearing her neighbour stride about the neighbourhood wondering aloud which nation of the world will be next to be levelled by American power, wh
Dec 2, 2001

Corporate World Steals Christmas

The new opium of the masses these days is not religion, as Marx put it in another day, but patriotism, which will, I suspect, have a much shorter run in America than has the Sermon on the Mount.
Nov 28, 2001

Will Tory Troy Fall with its Leader?

In the Tory rendition of the wooden horse, the horse speaks. The attendees at the dinner had never heard a speech from a horse. But it was that kind of event. The wooden horse was played by Jay Hill,
Nov 25, 2001

News Media Great Threat to Democracy

In this new world in which we live as media dependents, the greatest risk to an informed society is not so much what is withheld by nefarious government secrecy, but what goes unreported as the resul
Nov 21, 2001

Cheney and Friends Look For New Targets

The dirty little secret about America's war is that it may never end. The Russians, who also captured Kabul, failed to hold it. And many will remember Vietnam and the war during which the U.S. declar
Nov 18, 2001

We Are Silent as Barbarians are at Gates

Complications result when you let someone else do your fighting for you. Having underwritten the Northern Alliance, provided it with arms, advice, even uniforms, our principal ally then entered and s
Nov 14, 2001

A Conservative Conservative Is Not A Tory

Today, one cannot cross the street in downtown Toronto without running into some earnest new Toronto Tory hastening to a meeting convened in the interest of reforming the Progressive Conservative par
Nov 11, 2001

Get a New Ad Campaign for this War

Advertising campaigns promoting wars have about the same shelf life as your average beer commercials. There will be more than just a new ad campaign to help the cause. According to CNN, the Bush admi
Nov 7, 2001

CNN Folks Should Watch BBC World

The combination of reasonably objective coverage of the war blessedly free of commercials and program promos offers the viewer considerably therapeutic benefits while making him or her better informe


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